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ATi_Elite2267d ago

Microsoft needs to Bundle in Titanfall with the XB1 to boost it's image and with NO price increase!

Get some Timed Exclusive COD:G and BF4 DLC (which I'm sure they have done or will do)

and offer up some coupons on the XB1 to lower the price by $50 to $100 if you buy something else.

I think once the cable box and new business model is detailed then all this will make sense but as is the XB1 needs a slight P.R. Boost!

(I'm NOT buying neither Next GEn Console but I understand the $500 price tag on the XB1 but most consumers are NOT techies like me)

Cueil2267d ago

my guess is that sometime next year they'll off up programs to get the system for cheaper... for now though there is no reason because supply and demand doesn't dictate a need to lower the price even through subscription based methodes