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Posted on 3 September by Raúl Rubio Munárriz – Creative Director, Tequila Works


Gamescom 2013. Where to begin? It was hugely emotional for us after being silent for so long. Not being able to talk about Rime publically or show what we’d been pouring our creativity into for so long was really difficult.

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TomShoe3968d ago

Please stop teasing us Sony. The wait is bad enough.

BlueBlood173968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Yep! It's unbearable, but I've got my own little countdown :D

goo.gl/GpRuOs or goo.gl/Ha8PmY for you lucky Americans!

JoGam3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

OH..........MY........GOD! That game looks STUNNING! Oh and the Soundtrack.....simply AMAZING!


Disagreed (not really), although the wait is bad enough I don't want 'em to stop teasing us!

Also, does anyone else feel like Ico and Journey had a baby?

theWB273968d ago

I want this. I need to find that music too..STAT.

black0o3968d ago

i tried to find that ST since GC .. with no luck

theWB273968d ago

I did find that the track was by David Garcia. So with that lead...I will continue the search. If you get anything from that then...pass the info along.

black0o3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

sure do
and i think David Garcia only does house/trance music i'll keep looking into all his work to be sure

BlueBlood173968d ago

I really cannot wait for the PS4!

I'm already counting down the days! :D

I'm using this: goo.gl/GpRuOs

The 29th of November can't come soon enough! (I envy you lucky 'mericans! I'll have to put up with two weeks of seething jealousy)

Aleithian3968d ago

Kinda glad I moved to the States from Scotland now.

BlueBlood173968d ago

Yeah? Well other than family, I wouldn't miss Scotland if I were to leave!

Aleithian3968d ago

Holy crap, I just realized you're from Scotland too! I had no idea when I posted that. Weird coincidence. Where you from? I'm from Edinburgh myself. There's some great aspects to living in the States, but I'd probably rather live in Scotland, on balance. It's not something you realize fully until you've been gone for many years.

THC CELL3968d ago

States from Scotland wow you have been saving your dole money eh lol, Scotland is cool man they need to stay with the UK tho and get rid of the Muppet who wants to depart. I've lived in Scotland for years from Glasgow to thurso, yes thurso. Nice place just ugly women lol

garos823968d ago

Sold! Day one purchase this is.
From the amazing orchestral score too the beautiful visuals which invoke mystery and very ico ish feel/vibe.

I must play this

sdozzo3968d ago

Really good. Like Ico good.

garos823968d ago

As is black label jonnie walker.a man of fine tastes I see :)

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Tencent Acquires Majority Stake in Developer Tequila Works

Today, the Chinese tech company Tencent announced it recently acquired a majority stake in Tequila Works, the Madrid-based studio best known for its work on Rime.

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