Microsofts Xbox One is too expensive

When Microsoft hits the market with the Xbox One in November, its US$499 price point is going to stand out against Sony’s PS4 at US$399 and a deluxe Wii U bundle at US$299. Fans of the Xbox console franchise will argue that it’s worthy of a premium. They’ll say the Wii U is for kids. They’ll point out that the PS4 was able to undercut Microsoft’s machine by leaving out the motion-sensing camera that’s included with the Xbox One. That may all be true, but history hasn’t been kind to the higher-priced console. That was the PS3's role last round, and Sony’s market leadership position in this country suffered as a result of initially pricing its machine at least US$100 higher than the competition.

Microsoft probably thought it had this generation in the bag when it announced its pricing and release strategy in kicking off the annual E3 gaming powwow back in June. It couldn’t have imagined that Sony would turn heads a day later by unveiling a lower price for its PS4 and taking shots at the Xbox One’s restrictive ways.

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loopygames2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Edit: Anybody notice this article is sourced from MSN which is owned by Microsoft? lol

aceitman2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

lmao I didn't see that one before. thanks had a good laugh , and on that note sone has a bundle 2 controllers agame and the eyecam for the same price. how will that show its value with sony throwing in all of that .

darthv722260d ago

"but history hasn’t been kind to the higher-priced console"

it was pretty kind to the PS2 as compared to the dreamcast.

history has also shown that the most technical of the bunch doesnt always win. So the PS4 could be doomed on that premise.

Then again, this gen could be the one to flip all previous stereotypes on its head. The cheaper (wii-u) may not be the one to win.

The xb1 could actually do well for itself despite being the 3rd console from MS (3rd console curse has hit every other console company like atari, nintendo, sony and sega)

tablets and phones could gain in popularity due to simplicity and convenience and threaten portable entertainment like nothing before.

optimus2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

@darth... could you elaborate by "3rd console curse"?? the companies you mentioned had problems on their 4th (minus nintendo).

" was pretty kind to the PS2 as compared to the dreamcast."

the dreamcast was already slowing down in sales and pretty much done in terms of games development by the top developers by the time the ps2 came out...which debuted at $300...a few months later they cut it to $200 while the xbox was still at $300 and look how that turned out... $500 is a dangerous price and will hurt microsoft sooner, than later...That for me is the main reason why I won't be getting an x1...

so in reference to the quote in the article; YES, history has NOT been kind to higher priced consoles... (3DO, Neo-Geo, Turbografx-16, and even the PS3...initially.)

"tablets and phones could gain in popularity due to simplicity and convenience and threaten portable entertainment like nothing before."

...really?? you mean it's NOT popular now? i gather you never heard of a little game called angry birds which already has a movie in the works...plants vs. zombies, etc... it's the reason why portable gaming isn't doing all that well NOW... no matter how you slice it, a $1-$5 game is easier to swallow than a $30-$40 game with less entertainment value.

JustPlay42260d ago

If I did ever get a x1 i would trade in the kinect and use the money to buy a game, but not getting one in Nov maybe next year

beebap2260d ago

If Kinect comes with every console then your not even gona get enough trade in value for a game as there be no demand for it as every xbox one user will have one.why would need two and for replacing broken ones would be after warrenty.

Anon19742260d ago

It's funny. The article states "Fans of the Xbox console franchise will argue that it’s worthy of a premium," and below there's so many doing exactly that.

The point this article is making (because I know so many of you can't ever be bothered to actually read these things before commenting) isn't that $500 is too much money to spend for a console, the valid point they're making is to question how competitive the Xbox One is at their current price point.

maniacmayhem2259d ago

The point of the article is exactly what the title you put is. They are saying the Xbox One is too expensive compared to the other consoles.

What is with this smear campaign with all these multiple submissions against MS/Xbox kick your on lately?

You have submitted at least 5 or 6 "Xbox will Spin-off" or some form of "Xbox is Doom" articles in just the last two weeks.

Anon19742258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Here's the thing, Mr. Off Topic. Lately, there's been a lot of news in financial circles regarding the possibility of an Xbox spinoff. I'm not writing these, I'm just bringing them to N4G. An Xbox spinoff could bring a fundamental shift to the gaming industry and it's something that, as a gamer and industry watcher, I have a passing interest in.

Considering the potential positive implications for the Xbox brand if spun off or sold off, how on earth is simply posting stories about this topic a "smear campaign"? I'd love to hear how you figure that.

Your insistence that having this conversation is tantamount to perpetuating the notion of "Xbox Doom" is laughable, and shows you clearly don't understand what's being discussed here. Not one of those articles, not one, even hints at this being the end of the Xbox. The end of Xbox as a Microsoft product, maybe, but certainly not the end of the brand.

Take a moment, take a breath, get informed and when you have the time I'd love to hear your thoughts on these industry topics. You proved you were capable of discussing the issue intelligently just a few days ago. How is it you've gone from discussing issues to simply resorting to personal attacks now? Or are you hoping to become some sort of thought police for the site, dictating what news stories are worthy of public discussion?

If you don't like discussing these topics, simply report them as "Lame" or move on. That's the thing about this site. The community decides what it wants to see, and so far they seem to think the topic of an Xbox spinoff is worth discussion.

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TomShoe2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

"Xbox One is too expensive"

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Regis2260d ago

Did you copy and paste that?

PSVita2260d ago

Wtf is that suppose to be, a Rorschach test?

PopRocks3592260d ago

Microsoft seems to think the Kinect and extra features are worth the price of admission. I personally don't think many people in the general market will agree. $400 really seems to be the sweet spot for modern game consoles these days. Anything more is pretty damn steep.

ATi_Elite2260d ago

.......and the Xbox One does more than play games.

But no one talks about the high Tech Kinect Camera included, No one talks about all the processing power of the Move Engines that will make the XB1 function as a Cable Box.

They just look at the PS4's lower price and just GO DUMB thinking that the XB1 is overpriced.

The XB1 does more so it's priced is justified. Go read a Tech Sheet!

"points fingers at ALL the HYPOCRITES who bought a $600 PS3 or a $500 PS3"!

MasterCornholio2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Well if you include a camera, extra controller and Killzone ShadowFall the PS4 is the same price as the XBOX One.

"The second bundle contains a black PS4 console, a copy of Killzone: Shadow Fall and one controller for €439 (£375), representing a saving of approximately £30."

Read more:

"They just look at the PS4's lower price and just GO DUMB thinking that the XB1 is overpriced. "

Now you know why people think the XBOX One is overpriced.

"Go read a Tech Sheet! "

You mean this one?

"To conclude, in terms of graphics tech at least, there's little doubt that the PlayStation 4 is the more capable performer of the two next-gen consoles."

""points fingers at ALL the HYPOCRITES who bought a $600 PS3 or a $500 PS3"!"

Yeah and all those people that bought the 3DO at 700$. Sony released the PS3 at a high price and they lost a ton of market share because of it. Now that the tables have turned Microsoft will lose market share due to the higher price point of the XBOX One.

DragonKnight2260d ago

Speaking as someone who bought a launch 60GB PS3, the Xbox One is not too expensive. It is however the most expensive of the next gen consoles, and is overpriced thanks to Kinect.

Hicken2260d ago

People don't seem to understand the difference between being expensive and overpriced.

theWB272260d ago

Both are hugely subjective. So people may understand and still feel they're getting their money's worth. Who's anyone to tell the other person otherwise.?

trafalger2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

"Both are hugely subjective."

of course.

"So people may understand and still feel they're getting their money's worth."

that is true. the ps3 came out for $499 and it came with only a 20gb hard drive or a $599 model that had wifi and 60gb hard drive. this is all relative because not every playtstion fan cared about bluray, which added greatly at the time to the expense. now we fast-forward to the xbone and m$ is trying to convince consumers that kinect is what differentiates itself from its competitors and are asking $499.

"Who's anyone to tell the other person otherwise.?"

the issue here though is you have 2 very high profile sony 'shills' if you will who have very negative opinions about the system, and the previous x360. which means it appears you have two huge fans that are deeply rooted towards sony, that oddly enough spend a lot of time talking about the xbone. even though neither one of them ever says anything positive about it or will even allow themselves to give it a fair shot.

that in a nutshell is actually quite common here on n4g. i don't know if they are just bored. feel threatened by the xbox brand. or just like to agitate xbox fans. any way you look at it your will never get a optimistic view from them, not when it has to do with m$ and/or there game systems.

long story short, to suggest its overpriced is not really a fair opinion because neither one of them know the cost of building the sytem. neither one of them has actually spent much time if any on it to see what kinect offers. or what kinects value may hold in the future. they also don't know if sony is making money or selling the ps4 at a loss either. the thing isn't even out yet so we have no hard data that shows what real sales will be either. does that mean the wii u and vita were overpriced too if we were to go by actual demand?

what is evident is these two, plus many more, will never back off. most 'normal' people would simply move on and focus on things they do like.

DigitalRaptor2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

When value is retracted by a company, by hiding most of its features - especially the universally free ones - behind a paywall, yeah that is when it's not subjective.

That is referring to the online service.

Talking about the console: add 2 controllers, a camera, a game.... and yeah most people will still make up their minds, the sensible way.

beebap2260d ago

Ps3 was over expensive but the new tech they had with it was worth it now.kinect is not new tech so may be overpriced also after recession people still being careful with money and now more than ever look for best value.Ps4 is hard core gamer choice as better specs and costs less
Makes sense.

corvusmd2260d ago

I know, $10 a year over a 10 year cycle or $12 over and 8 year cycle is ridiculous, no one likes games enough to pay that much extra for a system that will bring them hours and hours of enjoyment. I hate it when people spend money on stuff that will make them happy.

Godmars2902260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

What are you even trying to say?


I've tried.

Between the purchase of the console, XBL and the games in question, not seeing the math.

YNWA962260d ago

Godmars, read it a couple of times....

mcstorm2260d ago

Lol I know and I thought ide be the 1st to apologise for buying a Xbox one on release day for my enjoyment im also going to do the same for doing the same with the psv, 3ds and Wiiu.

PSVita2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Your reverse phycology sarcasm is just terrible. You're not going to be able to lease a console for 8-10 years lol how did any of what you said make sense to you. I feel dumber for having read that. It $100 period no sugar coating it buddy.

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