Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is multiplayer-only, will launch for $39.99

Shack News: "Garden Warfare, EA Canada's multiplayer shooter take on Plants vs Zombies, was one of our favorite surprises from E3. Apparently, PvZ simply works as a multiplayer shooter."

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NYC_Gamer2269d ago

40 bucks?that's kind of expensive for mp only.

Fireseed2269d ago

What'd you think a game with MP only would cost?

Transporter472269d ago

For this kind of game i would expect 19.99/14.99. At least IMO.

luisvideogames2269d ago

Titanfall is at 60 bucks, and is multiplayer only, what do you feel about that?

HammadTheBeast2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

It's bullshit. No MP only game should be more than $40.

And unfortunately, I think this will flop. Only reason PvZ got big was cheap fun in an innovative style. This is basic horde mode for $40. Lata.

ABizzel12268d ago


Titanfall is a story based multiplayer game, but for it's target audience they're use to spending $60 on a game just for multiplayer (COD gamers, and people looking for a COD killer).

That being said Plants vs. Zombies should have been $20 at most. It better have amazing gameplay that rivals the best team shooters out there, because it's going to flop or drop in price faster than a stripper picking up her $1.

luisvideogames2268d ago

Not sure why I'm getting disliked a lot, I also don't like Titanfall being so much for multiplayer only. In other words, I agree with HammadTheBeast.

malokevi2269d ago

Awesome! I like how they aren't charging full price. I'll definitely be grabbing this, barring bad reviews of course.

FrigidDARKNESS2269d ago

This is awesome news. A high quality game running Frostbite 3 Engine at 40 bucks.

Supermax2269d ago

Should ave been a release game.looks great

Starbucks_Fan2269d ago

They should make a multiplayer only version of BF4 for $40. Then I might buy some DLC.

admiralvic2269d ago

You can always just wait for a GOTY edition and sell your vanilla copy and get it for about 40.

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The story is too old to be commented.