Mega Man Creator On How Kickstarter Could Rejuvenate The Japanese Gaming Scene

GS:Keiji Inafune discusses crowd-funding campaign for Mega Man-inspired Mighty No. 9, hopes for a future where indie games rise to prominence.

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NYC_Gamer2261d ago

I believe many Japanese studios could benefit from crowd funding

PopRocks3592261d ago

It's worked out pretty well for a number of indie developers west side.

cyguration2261d ago

It worked out well for gamers looking to support gaming culture.

It doesn't matter where they come from, core gamers will come out in droves to support the legends that turned our hobby into the very thing that we love today.

The great part about it is that crowd-funding for gaming surpasses the cultural boundaries of real-life and simply asks gamers to support creative ideas from individuals trying to push the boundaries of today's technology or rekindle the nostalgia that we loved so much growing up.

Godmars2902261d ago

Unfortunately developers have to be as recognized as the related IP for such to work. In the West anyway.

PopRocks3592261d ago

Not entirely true. Soul Saga and A Hat In Time have distinct art styles and are also new IPs. They only take inspiration from certain games but were otherwise brand new ideas. It's pretty impressive that both games gained so much traction.

Interestingly, a FTP reboot of Heavy Gear and the spiritual sequel to Eternal Darkness failed to receive their necessary funding.

THamm2261d ago

I think hardcore gamers can help get it done. When we stick together and are passionate about something, it gets done. A lot of IP's wouldn't exist today if it were not for us, especially Japanese IP's...

furneri3572261d ago

hope inafune funding for onimusha inspired games next