How to avoid MMO burnout

“Ugh, I give up on this pathetic game.”

“#$%* this stupid quest!”

“If we don’t beat this boss, I’m deleting this lame ass character. Stop laughing bro. I’m not kidding!”

When you find yourself saying these things, then you might be close or are already suffering from complete MMO burnout. But don’t panic, MMO-Play has a remedy for you.

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TomShoe2267d ago

How about going outside?

ATi_Elite2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Go outside? Why when you can use Google Earth Plus and see whats going on in your neighborhood without leaving your PC.


Yeh Go exercise then come back and play another game (but not a MMO) that's what i do when I get Fed up with Guild Wars 2 or Tera Rising! Plus I limit myself to only so many hours of MMO a week.

Right now I'm on a Rome 2 marathon and next week Amnesia A Machine for Pigs Marathon.

maximus19852267d ago

ff14 realm reborn helps by not letting you log on on different days through error codes or maintanence so its a non issue

VanguardOfCalamity2267d ago

like everything - moderation <sometimes you just need to unplug>

pandehz2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Everything in moderation including moderation itself..