Introducing The Nintendo 1DS (Parody)

A dedicated Nintendo has created an amusing spoof page for a non-existent product called the Nintendo 1DS. The device is pitched to be a system that plays Nintendo 3DS and 2DS games by doing away with the upper-screen and letting the the player to use either a TV or smartphone as the upper-display. The device hooks up to the TV using Bluetooth or HDMI.

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SaulGoodman2262d ago

Hmmmm, interesting. I kind of like the idea of that.

TomShoe2262d ago

Looks better than the 2DS.

yewles12262d ago

Nintendo already has this, except in a larger scale and named the Wii U...

krontaar2262d ago

If the WiiU had the 3DS library I would be all over that.

uso2262d ago

A Bubble up for you sr.
Great avatar and name

AllroundGamer2262d ago

ugh no, who would want to play games with such crappy lowres graphics on a HDTV.

Axonometri2262d ago

Well loads of people want to play low-res crappy graphics on a little handheld screen. Why wouldn't some on a big screen?

AllroundGamer2262d ago

it's ok on a small handheld screen, but it won't look good on something big as a TV cause of the small resolution of the DS.

Axonometri2262d ago

Sure it could. It could sell millions also. It is all in how you market. Look at Minecraft. What is it up to 22 million sold?

I was not being serious...

Misaka_x_Touma2262d ago

people who bought Resident Evil Revelation HD Port