Retailer Target Follows Amazon’s Lead, Lists Xbox One Release for Late November Date

Joel Taveras writes, "Last week we reported on Amazon’s recent placeholder date change for the Xbox One release. The retailer previously (and in some cases still) displayed the generic placeholder date of 12/31/13, but after selecting the product and reading additional details it stated that the Xbox One would release on 11/27. Microsoft has yet to announce a date.

Today, another major US retailer has also changed its generic placeholder date."

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Abriael2262d ago

The pattern is starting to show...

JoelT2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Agreed. Certain placeholder dates (the obvious ones) are one thing, but why the exact date random date as someone else? That's how I see it.

iamnsuperman2262d ago

The could easily be reacting to what the internet is saying. Target following Amazon doesn't mean much

Microsoft when are you going to announce your release date?

aceitman2262d ago

so sony has the exact same bundle for 499$,this really doesn't show its value at all.

taz80802262d ago

I doubt it is a coincidence. MS needs to just come out and make the announcement already. Why are they delaying this so much?

devwan2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

They're probably just dotting the Is and crossing the Ts, making sure they can deliver 100% on what they promise, they don't need to be inviting another needless backlash if something doesn't go to plan.

Personally I think 11/27 is later than it will actually launch.

nooneknows2262d ago


$619 for that Xbox One bundle....

Psh, not happening......

hadar7272262d ago

r u okay its the same as buying a console controller and a game which is the same price

console 500
game 60
controller 60
= 620
bundle is 619 u save a dollar every bundle for new consoles are like that so think think u will get a launched system cheaper

nooneknows2262d ago

True, but damn. still expensive.

Red_Devilz2261d ago

Man! Save a full dollar? I see a McChicken Sandwich right there (before taxes). Thats called saving!

OC_MurphysLaw2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

I didnt put a lot of credence in 11/27 but... that date seems pretty common and MS hasn't said SH*T about a release date so it might as well be.

And if this does turn out to be the real release date... all I can say to the Marketing group for MS.... your days will be numbered as the marketing firm for MS(they could already be sacked for all we know).

BX812262d ago

??? What kind of sense is that? Since MS hasn't stated a release date yet, it's clearly got to be the date a couple of retailers are posting? I personally would rather MS release when they are ready and not have some 360 repeat. If they release on the 27th MS marketing won't take a hit. They actually have one of the better marketing groups imo. Sony has stepped there game up as well in this dept.

OC_MurphysLaw2262d ago

I think my post is more our of frustration with MS and not giving a release date than anything. I find it incredibly frustraiting that at this late stage ...Sept. 3rd we still don't know the actual release date. And yes, I realize it wont really matter if they tell me the release date today, a week from now or a month from will still be the same date in November. Just like have that final part of the puzzle I guess.

I would agree that the Xbox 360 marketing was better than all. I am not sold so far on how they have handled Xbox One. As for my comment about the marketing team getting sacked. What I meant was "IF" it turns out those retailers do in fact have the release date right that means the marketing team (who havent officially announced anything) did a horrible job of controlling their retail partners. If MS comes forward and says "Get excited its Nov 27th!" that will be a gigantic underwhelming announcement given a majority of retailers have that listed.

BX812261d ago

I wonder why ms hasn't announced a release date yet?