Review: PayDay2 (This Is My Joystick)

Payday 2 is the answer to that. It’s a co-op heist game where you need to work and communicate with others. It’s not anti-social at all. Well, apart from the bits where you’re shooting hundreds of lawmen and robbing people blind. That’s a bit anti-social.Payday 2 Let’s get the story bit out-of-the-way nice and quick. To be fair, it’s little more than a premise than it is an actual story. You play as a professional criminal who’s ‘back in the game’. Your boss sets you up with a safe-house and a laptop that connects to Crime.NET.

Yes, that’s right, you hook up to a network of criminals and from this you pick jobs to do. Let’s hope the police don’t ever Google the term ‘Crime’, else everyone’s in trouble.

That’s pretty much it for story. You’re a criminal. You have a house. You use a laptop to find missions. Done.

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