A Virtual Reality Headset Could Put PS4 Over The Top

This could be the sort of peripheral that turns the PS4 from just another Playstation, with fancier graphics and a few new tricks, into something truly different than any video game console before it. All of a sudden, video game buzzwords like “immersive” start to take on whole new meaning, as game worlds vividly realized with next-gen hardware don’t just stick there on our screens but envelop us whole.

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kingdip902269d ago

If this happens it will justify a next gen purchase to me

malokevi2269d ago

Makes no sense to me.

Genuine, fully supported motion controls are a gimmick, but strapping a screen to your face is innovation?

supplementing/complimenting a controller is a gimmick, but making your TV irrelevant is innovation?

Don't get me wrong, a VR headset could be cool. But we know nothing of functionality, price, support... and already N4G is putting this thing on a pedestal.

Things like this confirm my suspicions and validate my beliefs when it comes to gamers on forums and comment sections. Completely removed from reality.

DeadManIV2269d ago

If it works as well as the occulus, im sold

adorie2269d ago

OR has already been put on a pedestal by the gaming industry. So many people understand the potential of this tech. It really is something even MS should put on their console. Knowing MS, though, they might snatch up OR or invest enough to have it on Xbone.

If Sony were smart, they'd get something going with OR, if they have not already.

malokevi2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

MS has some sort of VR headset in the works, but apparently its more akin to Google Glass, which is augmented reality, rather.

Either way, I'm just calling hypocrisies where I see them.

The tech has a lot of potential... but so does the Kinect. And, as with the Kinect, there is nothing you can point to anything that actually proves it will have any application in real hardcore gaming. These things need the opportunity to grow, for developers to learn, before it can be proven.

I see an expensive peripheral that will only be afforded by a select group. A group that is already paying 60 a year for online, 400-500 for a console, and probably a few hundred bucks on games (at least). Not a lot of room for growth in an environment like that. Especially when it's competing against other menially supported peripherals, like Move and PSCam.

I mean... do they expect developers to keep all three of these devices in mind, and take them all seriously, considering how miserably divided the user base will be? It's going to be a mess!

things like these seem more at home on a platform like PC, where adding on and updating are part of the experience. Always room to grow on PC. Otherwise, they are wasted on developers who undoubtedly spend their time developing for the largest user base possible. The user base that owns a console and a controller, and in the case of Xbox One, a Kinect.

kingdip902269d ago


You agree that devices like these have potential but then say people getting excited about it makes no sence to you? Paint me confused by that...

I agree that we have no way of knowing what developers will do and could just end up throwing shovelware at us just like what happened with the wii and kinect... or it could revolutionize gaming. I find the unknown exciting and the possibilities make me giddy with excitement.

If you can't get excited over the unknowns then christmas must have been really dull at your house when you were a kid...

malokevi2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Where did I say that I wasn't excited bout the prospects? You're putting words in my mouth...

"Don't get me wrong, a VR headset could be cool. "

That's as close as I came to even remotely broaching the subject of my personal interest.

You completely ignored my points, including the pervading point that this wont revolutionize anything if its just one in a sea of unadopted peripherals.

Occulus on PC, I see potential there.

starchild2269d ago

After using the Oculus Rift for myself it was obvious that VR is a big part of the future of video games and it was only a matter of time until the console makers would want to get involved.

I'm going to get the consumer Rift at launch and consoles adopting VR can only be a good thing for the future of VR gaming.

That said, there are going to be more limits on the consoles. You need a steady 60fps for VR and the stereo 3D also incurs some performance hit, especially if it is geometric 3D and not simple z-buffer based 3D.

Many games on consoles are going to be 30fps and those games either won't work in VR or they will have to be downgraded and pared back in order to run at 60fps in stereoscopic 3D.

Still, this is only a good thing. Many simpler games will work just fine. I'm happy I'll be able to enjoy VR on my PC and my PS4.

I do have to say, though, that if the consoles do jump on the VR wagon I hope that they will just support the Oculus Rift instead of trying to build another proprietary device. I will already own a Rift for my PC and it would be nice to be able to just use that same device on my console as well, instead of having to spend several more hundred dollars to get one that only works with that console.

slimeybrainboy2269d ago

Steering with your hands in the air, or which a shitty plastic peripheral is a gimmick. Clearly not adding to gameplay but making you less accurate.

Driving with A headset with proper depth perception, being able to look in the rear view mirror by simply, looking in the rear view mirror. Visibility is a major flaw in driving games that would be solved by VR HMD's.

There is so many new possibilities in VR for new genre of games, new solutions to problems that have hindered gaming forever. Is this going to make every game better? no. I s this going to be unbelievable for some games? yes.

Johnsonparts232269d ago

Here's the problem with your argument though. We already have Kinect and we've already seen it fail (at least the first version) so it's much easier to disregard that as a gimmick. We haven't seen VR really implemented into a console, and with the reception the Oculus is getting it has the potential to be game changing.

kingdip902269d ago


My original comment was one of excitement which you then went to say you didn't understand, I didn't put words in your mouth at all.

I took your points into consideration thats why I mentioned that it could flop if devs didn't support it correctly (much like kinect and move which is a comparison you made by speaking about motion controls)

There is nothing to put on a pedestal just yet there are those of us who are excited about what could be as we have no idea what will be. You sir by saying i put it on a pedestal put words into my mouth.

Also I don't understand saying something could work for gaming on pc and not console gaming, while pc's are more powerful I don't understand why anyone would consider it a "gimick" on one and not the other after all thry display mostly the same media.

NateCole2269d ago

Moving around like an idiot is not the same as VR

malokevi2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

But again, my main argument is completely ignored.

With move, eyetoy, and a headset, none of which are included with the console, all 3 will slice the userbase into users who have no peripherals, users who have one of them, and users who have a few of them... the ones without anything being the largest group. So, do you really expect any mainstream developers to actually get behind any of it?

If this headset came with every ps4, it would be entirely different. Every developer could develop with vr in mind, without sacrificing potential revenue.

That's where the new Kinect has a fundamental advantage over the previous iteration, as well as over any ps4 peripheral. And that's why VR on PS4 won't revolutionize anything.

Vr on PC is a different animal. People can expect developers will be working on VR games because they have the financial and creative freedom to take risks. Until its proven on PC or universally adopted on consoles, you wont see any breakthrough VR applications in the console space.

That's just the way it is, as much as you all seem keen to ignore it.

"Moving around like an idiot is not the same as VR "

This tendency for people to typify voice control and body tracking as necessarily "moving around like an idiot" is indicative of poor understanding or intentional misunderstanding. There are so many great potential applications for the tech in mainstream gaming. To qualify it as "moving around like an idiot" is... idiotic. You are taking your hatred for party games and projecting it onto other possible mainstream applications, out of what I can only assume is raw hatred for a particular brand... something that I can't for the life of me begin to understand.

People are so quick to dismiss the tech based on their preconceived notions of which console manufacturer they prefer. Those are the same narrow minded folks who will be missing out on great experiences.

darthv722269d ago

Well they cant make it any worse than the virtualboy or the JAG-VR or SEGA-VR headsets.

how many could the PS4 support? i ask because if it only supported 1 then taking turns wearing it would be a bit of an inconvenience.

Ever since the lawnmower man i have wanted a home VR setup....with a HMD AND kinect/ps4eye camera now we are talking about really getting into the game.

on a side note, PS3 was trying to usher in 3d and now the PS4 will try to usher in good with that.

telekineticmantis2269d ago

TISK TISK TISK. It doesn't matter what Sony brings to the market they never impliment it the right way or know how to use it.

Now they are gonna jump on the VR wagon when they had an AR/VR headset that would of changed gaming as we know it SMH..../

They could of used it with the PS Move and the camera could turn the move into any kind of weapon or instrument, that would of blown everything else out of the water. Imagine using the PSMove rifle in a shooter and it resing into the game as any type of weapon, use the opposite hand to throw an AR/VR grenade, or the Move turning into an AR/VR Sword or a lightsaber,

Sony drops the ball with their tech all the time and that's why they dont succeed like other companies, with them.

malokevi2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )


"My original comment was one of excitement which you then went to say you didn't understand, I didn't put words in your mouth at all."

you said...

"If this happens it will justify a next gen purchase to me"

I took it literally, and responded appropriately. I didn't think your comment was french for "I'm excited".

I don't think that an unannounced product about which we know nothing of price, support, or functionality is even remotely "justification" for spending 400 dollars on a console.

Which is what I don't understand...

And yes, you put words in my mouth. Excuse me for reading things as they're written, I know thats not common practice around here.

"There is nothing to put on a pedestal just yet there are those of us who are excited about what could be as we have no idea what will be. You sir by saying i put it on a pedestal put words into my mouth."

I wasn't referring to just you... I was commenting on the general comments in the thread. And yes, unchecked praise for something we know nothing about is "putting it on a pedestal".

Keep on spinning, for all the good it will do you.

Outside_ofthe_Box2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Malokevi, you come off as upset that MS isn't the one to be rumored doing this. I honestly believe you would have a different view point on this if MS were the ones being rumored to be doing this.

I bet you're the same person that thinks MS's first Kinect was a success (which didn't come with every system), but all of a sudden separate peripherals are impractical?

I bet you're the same person that says MS's first Kinect had a lot of support (which again didn't come with every system), but all of a sudden it isn't possible to get support for separate peripherals anymore?

I'm just calling hypocrisies where I see them.

If this VR rumor is like the Oculus Rift then I can definitely see this taking off if the price is right.

But yeah, continue on about how this is a bad idea that will most likely not pan out if it helps you feel better, being pessimistic isn't a crime after all. Others will continue to be excited about the potential regardless.

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Scrupuless2269d ago

This is just icing on the cake that is my vita/ps4.

Kydawg2269d ago

You shouldn't have to justify buying PS4. If you want it and have the money, buy it.

XboxFun2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Over the top, not really.

Hicken2269d ago

Care to expound upon that response?

XboxFun2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

A VR headset to me is just a novelty piece, a great little add-on just like the Move or Eye, but nothing game changing or putting PS4 over the top.

For me personally I wouldn't want my field of vision or hearing of my real surroundings blocked completely by a device strapped to my eyes and headphones covering my ears. I like the fact that some games are engaging and pulls me in but not enough for me to forsake the doorbell ringing or anyone else trying to get my attention and having to physically grab me by the shoulder.
(could you imagine that shock, HA)

But I'm not knocking it, this VR has been around for a long time. It's logical that after motion and all this would be the next step. And just as the article states, VR needs to be done right to truly work. I don't think this VR right now is done right.

Yes, you got me. I have been caught red handed by your excellent deductive skills. Thanks for clearing that bit of entertaining information up.
Let's all hope that Sony never makes the best thing ever because I would hate to be that one guy who hated the best thing ever.

I would secretly buy the best thing ever, but then hide it in fear that you may see me liking the best thing ever. But I would put on a frowny face and say how much I hate Sony's best thing ever.

FlameHawk2269d ago

It doesn't matter what Sony does, Sony could make the best thing ever, but Xbox fanboys will hate, go troll somewhere else.

hazardman2269d ago

Bwahahahaha....hahahha...cough cough..bwahahhaha.. That comment is usually reserved for Xbox thread on this Pro Sony site. I never seen that comment about Xbox fanboys on a PS thread. And I've been on for awhile!! That was good dude your to funny..hahaha.

FlameHawk2269d ago

@hazardman, the amount of Xbox fanboys on N4G have increased.

gaelic_laoch2269d ago

"A VR headset to me is just a novelty piece"

And to me the Kinect is as exciting hula hoop!

Hicken2269d ago

It's fine if it's not for you.

But you don't say "Not for me." You state it as fact. But there's also a reason that Occulus Rift is making something of an uproar. If Sony can get in on that with an even lower price point- and keep it as a well-done option, not a primary feature), then it'll be pretty big.

Or could be, anyway.

maniacmayhem2269d ago

How is he stating anything as fact?

His first sentence is:

"A VR headset to me is just a novelty piece"

To him a VR headset is a novelty piece. He has already made it clear in the first sentence that it's his opinion, his view. No where does he say it's a fact.

Even the his second opening sentence:

"For me personally I wouldn't want my field of vision or hearing"

He says for him personally, that right there has already established it's his opinion.

SaulGoodman2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

@ The Fonz
Eeeeh, Sony's already on top, Eeeeh

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

"A VR headset to me"

So this is why it wont put it over the top??

Ur not that important actually.

Like the title says It will put sony over the top!!!

Let focus on the majority or go have xbox fun.

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Gster2269d ago

Yea Over The Top, Underneath, Backwards, Forwards, Side to Side, Upside Down, Frontwards, Middle, Behind, Vertical, Horizontal, Flat, Standing, Running, Walking, Racing, Jumping, Flying... You get my Drifting! There is no limit... Bring it On

nextgengaming_pr2269d ago

No questions asked i would buy a VR headset from Sony day one!!!!!!!! As an old school gamer in my 30's weve been talking about this evolution to VR gaming for a long time!!!!!

Bring it Sony, plz!!!!!!

Irishguy952269d ago

Just waiting for real info on the cost. Anything over 250 is too much for me. Word around town is 1000 quid.

So....I guess i'll be waiting a few years before I bite.

nextgengaming_pr2269d ago

Yeah 200 is my sweet spot as well, maybe 250 but if it looks really good id do 300 lol (im a sucker for new, good tech).


Honestly all these companies are working on VR stuff but Sony has been doing it alot longer and actually have VR type headsets in the market albeit expensive. I look forward to healthy competition between Occulus Rift, Sony, Microsoft and whoever else adds to the equation. Competition brings lower prices and constantly evolving tech.

kneon2269d ago

Well Sony's previous two visors were around $1000 and I doubt they have managed to drop the price to less than half. As far as I know there hasn't been a price announced for the HMZ-T3 but I can't see it being less than $500, more likely $700+

starchild2269d ago

Sony have had head mounted displays, but they have never had a VR headset. There is a big difference.

The real magic found in the Oculus Rift is the extremely wide field of view and the accurate, low-latency head tracking, neither of which are found on the Sony HMDs.

bjmartynhak2269d ago

Yep, close to 30's here. This VR stuff comes from time to time and insists in failing.

But at the same time, I've never seen such a good reaction as the OR received. Maybe they nailed this time!

Considering the probable price, I would have to go with a testing gaming session with it before buying, just to be sure.

Good thing is that OR + Sony + some other company = competition = better products and price.

corvusmd2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Considering this is a rumor, but MS has patented tech and a purchased company working on this tech already....probably not over the top, but yes it will be really cool.

Not to mention, it appears that both consoles will be able to use Occulus Rift...if the consoles allow it to be used. Also, I'm not sure, but it seems developers would have to program for it as well.

P.S. Uh, why is this getting down-voted? It wasn't a stab at PS, just saying that putting "PS over the top" is kind of a disingenuous statement being that the tech is already out there, and they aren't the only one working on it. It'd be like saying working on a motion capture camera will put MS over the top....

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