Here's why Xbox's success in the consumer market doesn't matter

ZDNet's Matt Baxter-Reynolds writes "I've always fancied having a computing industry law named after me. A good one, you know like Moore's Law, or Brook's Law. I'd even take an adage, like Hanlon's razor. (Easily my favourite razor.)

If I had a chance to create one, I'd like to create "MBR's Law" as being something like this:

Every discussion about Microsoft's inability to deliver in the consumer market will be met with the rebuttal, 'Yeah, but what about Xbox?'"

Of course, today we have to regard this in the context of Microsoft buying out Nokia's phone unit. Nokia do know how to sell to consumers, but let's look at Xbox first."

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Mystogan2268d ago

This article is such BS, that not even the Sony fanboys are commenting on this.

xHeavYx2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

" Sega is no more, Nintendo is floundering, and Sony's only chance with PlayStation 4 is if Microsoft fatally mucks up Xbox One."
What!? This guy is a joke, sounds like some random IT guy who decided to talk about video games, so he wrote an article after reading 1 or 2 other articles.
Then he does what every other respectable journalist does, compares the Ipod sales to game console sales, because everyone knows those 2 compete against eachother /s

christocolus2268d ago

Lmao.....the weight and importance of an xbox article can be immediately judged by the number of sony fans in the comments section of same article....lmao....Dude you are hilarious..

Axe992268d ago

Yup, I have a general dislike for Microsoft, and a preference for Sony's consoles (based on past performance - it would have changed if the PS4 had launched like the XB1 and vice versa!) and this article is bollocks, for more reasons than you can poke a stick at. Not worth the bandwidth it takes to download.

zeal0us2268d ago

I have read flamebait better than this article tbh and thats just sad :(

The author was comparing Xbox sells to iPad sells.

Anon19742268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

You can kind of see where he's coming from though in the grand scheme of things. You want to look at devices, here's how Microsoft's devices are stacking up against their competition. Of course the problem with this comparison is the Xbox isn't in the same market as iPads. It's like comparing car sales to sales of forklifts because they both happen to have wheels.

Still, interesting to see how the Xbox is viewed in some technical circles. Despite the Xbox's success, MS's investors tend to view the Xbox as a millstone around the neck of the larger company, which is why so many are predicting the Xbox division to be spun off (that and ValueAct is now on the MS board and seems to be getting their way). You have to realize that the shareholders of MS are probably viewing this the same way, Xbox vs iPads, even if the comparison is flawed.

I thought it was an interesting perspective coming from ZDNet and not some fan site even though I don't necessarily agree with his assessment. A spun off Xbox Division has been estimated to be worth about 17 billion. Hardly as inconsequential as this article makes it sound.

Axe992268d ago

Yes and know though - you get a lot more sales after the initial console is bought relative to smartphones and tablets, particularly for the initial provider. Despite it's incredible install base, i-device app revenues still don't match those of console gaming. The article only looks at units sold, and pays no attention to revenue or profit per unit, or longer-term revenue streams. It's very shallow, and not terribly informative (or informed).

tokugawa2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

look who posted it ... yep n4gs very own pachter ( full of sh't just like him as well)

ffs give it a rest. why are you so adamant about posting these sort of blogs? what are you hoping to accomplish???

what are your motives? tell us what your goal is with this darkie?

i remember your SMgamers web-site. where you were editor in chief of various xbox is doomed material. i remember the one where you had the xbox symbol in a toilet as the picture lol. i bet you was well proud of that one.

did you write that for him also??