Sarcastic Gamer offers bounty for best GTA4 hoax video

With so many hoax videos currently in circulation, Sarcastic Gamer is challenging gamers to create their own hoax, with the possibility of winning a small prize.

From the article: "Right now, the only thing you need to be a Youtube superstar is a video camera and a decent printer.

Do you think you guys have what it takes to pull off a hoax like this? Do you have the time? I know the answer from some of you is a resounding YES, so let's see what you've got. The most convincing, or funniest video scores a prize."

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IHATEGOD3931d ago

You're right. Every time Sarcastic Gamer writes something this site posts it. Sarcastic Gamer is nothing more than an opinion site, there is never any news coming from there.