Atelier Meruru Plus Review: Fit for Royalty | GamerTell

From the review, "Much ado is made about the number of ports the Vita is seeing. Yet, when a port comes out as good as, say, Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland, it’s difficult to complain. It’s a perfect transition from the PS3 to the Vita, adding a number of bonus features, like new areas, gameplay tweaks, character costumes and previously DLC characters included for free. Another solid, JRPG is always something to celebrate, and Atelier Meruru Plus is a game to pick up."

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dark-kyon2270d ago

good review,this game is better suited to play in vita.

AceofStaves2270d ago

Definitely have to pick this up.

Otoshigamisama2270d ago

This game really fits the vita..:)