NGN Interviews Forza 5's Dan Greenawalt at PAX Prime 2013

If racing games are your thing, then Forza Motorsport is bound to be near the top of your list of great racing franchises. Forza Motorsport 5 is going to be a day 1 launch title for the Xbox One and the level of detail that New Gamer Nation saw put into the game during PAX Prime 2013 this past weekend was simply astonishing as it runs at 1080p 60 FPS.

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GarrusVakarian2265d ago

First thing im going to do on this game is look at some of my favourite cars in autovista mode. Loved it on Forza 4, now its going to look even better.

NextGen24Gamer2265d ago

First thing I'm going to do is jump online and race vs friends. This game is beautifully stunning!

coptop12265d ago

same here. It's amazing the graphics that they are able to do in-game.

NextGen24Gamer2265d ago

I remember early on MS said that the Turn 10 dev team actually helped with the custom tech that went into the xbox one. Which explains how they have really gotten a lot out of the hardware day 1. 1080p 60fps. Crazy!

Dakriz2265d ago

What a beauty and playing Firza for years ensures unmatched quality and some of the best custom cars around.

mcstorm2265d ago

I agree loved forza since the 1st game and the reason why I am getting the Xbox one day one.

Dakriz2265d ago

Call me crazy but I just can't wait till they show the next Horizon running on this engine. :-D

Fyflin2265d ago

I second that! Horizon was fantastic, the most fun I've had in a racing game in years.

Dakriz2265d ago

Ah but I must admit I have not finished playing the game lol I get into new games and then I forget to come back but still horizon just brings a smile to my face cause I enjoyed it so much.