NGN Interviews Ryse: Son of Rome's Erik Olsen from Microsoft Studios at PAX Prime 2013

Chances are that if you have paid any attention to the launch titles for Microsoft's Xbox One, then you have seen Ryse: Son of Rome. Everything that has been showcased previously has been focusing on the story and single player, but we got to see the multiplayer portion of the game during PAX Prime this past weekend. With co-operative arena style Roman combat, executions being performed on your foes, and high quality graphics on the Xbox One, Ryse: Son of Rome certainly brings something to the table for a launch title. Check out New Gamer Nation's interview with multiplayer producer Erik Olsen and let us know what you think.

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NextGen24Gamer2270d ago

Another Day 1 game for me. The more footage is released, the more excited I get. Story mode is definitely what this game is about. Over 100 finishing moves, which makes killing in this game an ART.

ma1asiah2270d ago

I'm in full agreement Elite,

I'm totally glad it was one of the first games I preordered.

ma1asiah2270d ago

Initially, Microsoft hadn’t laid out any plans for their next generation console, but we knew it was coming. With that in mind, we started developing "Ryse" in its new form as if it was going to be a next-gen game. One major advantage we had on this front was the fact we use our own technology in CryENGINE. We were already developing a very high-end game, and the leap to the new system was one we were confident of being able to make. That, combined with our expertise of working for PC and console, meant we were used to being versatile during the development process.

Ultimately, our inkling that "Ryse’s" completion would dovetail nicely with the arrival of Microsoft’s new console came to pass. From Microsoft’s side, they could see that what we were doing with the game was a jump forward in terms of visuals and tech, and they were as excited as us by the possibility of seeing the game released on Xbox One.

It’s been a long journey for "Ryse: Son of Rome," but one that ultimately has a kind of logic to it. Many of the original ideas for what the game should achieve have survived, and the adjustments along the way have always been about taking steps forward. We’re thankful that we’re not in a situation where these changes were forced on us for negative reasons, but rather that they represent the growing ambition of Crytek as a company and the increased belief in "Ryse" as a game that really push boundaries and take players somewhere new.

Ripsta7th2270d ago

Is NGN Rivals with N4G??