Thank You for Performing the 180 Microsoft

OmniGamer looks back that the 180 Microsoft pulled with the Xbox One, and thanks them for correcting their previous mistakes.

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GarrusVakarian2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Indeed, i'm glad because now i don't have to miss out on games for the best part of a decade (wasn't gonna buy with the DRM policies).

N4GCB2261d ago

It's insane region locking was the worst part honestly.

Abash2261d ago

Im looking forward to the Xbox One now, but there's no way Im saying "Thank you for making things the way they should have been from the start". Microsoft should be thanking people for accepting all those reversals, not the other way around

DeadManIV2261d ago

I completely agree.

YNWA962261d ago

Should have been 'thank you sony'

zeal0us2261d ago

Should have been "Thank you gamers for voicing your concerns that cause the 180"

Microsoft was still going to go through with the DRM and used game crap regardless what Sony did. Only when fellow gamers started voicing their concerns and threaten to not buy the XB1, did Microsoft haul ass and started turning the other way.

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drsfinest722261d ago


im so glad you only have 1 bubble.

although i liked their old policy. , it was a little too ahead of its time. maybe 10 years down the road when almost everybody would have affordable internet & stuff. digital only is definitely the future of gaming. its less of a hassle too. but as i said its ahead of its time.. the time isnt right.

Deadpoolio2261d ago

Again with you people and the defending of this anti consumer BS....NO none of those restrictions were needed for a "digital" future...The digital future is already here..The PS3 has been offering 99% of games day 1 digital for a few years now and it didn't require them fisting your rectum to do so....Day 1 digital is also going to be 100% available on the PS4 without requiring them fisting your rectum......

NONE of it was necessary, it was all about MS seeing how far their customer base would allow them to go. It was never needed and never essential to offering games digitally, they just assumed that people would still throw their money at them and it failed.....

Those restrictions were not the future of gaming or groundbreaking and innovative, it was just all about MS controlling YOU....And yet the Xbots are too brain dead to see that, I swear Nintendo fanboys are the most fanatical while Microsoft has the fanboys with the lowest IQs that are borderline retarded.....Again NOTHING they wanted to to innovative, groundbreaking or the future of gaming. Not when Sony offers digital NOW on 99% of games and 100% of games with the PS4 and Nintendo also same thing 99% of Wii U games are available digitally without fisting you to do so

drsfinest722261d ago

@deadpooli so you wouldnt want to give your digital rights to more than 2 people? & wouldnt you want to trade your digital rights just as you do now with physical copies? tell me is that possible now on console?

H0RSE2261d ago

I think much of the disapproval towards their initial polices, had to do with the negative stigma tied to DRM in general. The mere mention of the term in the gaming realm, is likened to bringing up Satan's name in church... even if MS introduced some really cool and innovative polices, the mere mention of "DRM" would have immediately turned off many people, with no way of convincing them otherwise - it's like a taboo.

It appears that the community simply is not interested in such radical changes, and would be much happier with a "bare bones" approach to consoles, that just lets them play their games with higher framerates and prettier visuals, and offering little if anything else new.

The neutering of MS's initial polices, essentially turned the the Xbox One into Xbox 360 2.0.

cyguration2261d ago

Pray tell, what policies were cool or innovative? Anything you name I can name a service or feature already available on PC since probably 2005 (which is exactly what the original Xbox One and its policies looked like, a DRM-laden PC from 2005).

The only thing anyone falls back to was family-sharing and digital license trades (which is already available on Greenman Gaming or if you allow for remote account sharing in Steam).

There were a lot of radical changes but NONE of them offered anything remotely positive for gamers in the long run. Games tied to servers, check-ins, limited trades, retailer-approval used games, the option of used game fees by approved-retailers and forced installations were just terrible, terrible.

The only people praising the Xbox One's original features were people who NEVER gamed on PC or were absolute die-hard fanboys.

Microsoft needs to first look at what's making GOG and Steam successful and then imitate that without all the restrictions and stepping-back-in-time to rekindle DRM PC gamers have fought long and hard to get removed from the gaming arena.

H0RSE2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

I wasn't implying that their feature were or were not cool or innovative - I was simply stating that even if they were, people still wouldn't care due to the stigma tied to DRM.

Like I said, DRM itself is not bad, it's how you use it.

Oh, and I have been gaming for over 25 years, from everything to casual to competitive, and most of that is on PC, and I didn't have a problem with X1's initial policies.

- I don't trade in games
- I don't buy used games
- My internet is always on anyway, and I already play game that require a connection

Deadpoolio2261d ago

The only answer they ever have to which of those restrictions or old policies were so great is always the game stealing, I mean sharing...Cause they don't get that there was NO way MS or a publisher was going to let you share a full game amongst 9 of your friends.....

But of course since Xbots are borderline retarded MS can lie and say oh yes it was all true it was going to be all rainbows and unicorns and they are stupid enough to believe it

Deadpoolio2261d ago

I've had absolutely NO problem whatsoever partaking in this digital future NOW...I have at least 60 FULL RETAIL PS3 games on my HDD and purchasing them did not require I let Sony Fist me with DRM and restrictions....

You people don't seem to grasp that Sony has been offering 99% of games digital day 1 and have confirmed 100% digital day 1 with the PS4, Nintendo has been offering Day 1 digital also, and neither of them want to screw you over to do so...This was all about MS controlling your purchases and nothing more, they wanted to see how far the could go in controlling your purchases. NONE of it was ever necessary, innovative, groundbreaking or the future of gaming

sklorbit2261d ago

exactly, it is unbelievable that idiots actually bought into that shit.

Even die hard xbox fans were willing to admit x1 was garbage, and either switched to ps4 or waited till the 180 to change their minds. I dont know what it takes for a fanboy to stick by them with the policies they planned to implement.

N82261d ago

DRM turned off people because its not a good idea

AllroundGamer2261d ago

and then people turned DRM off.

H0RSE2261d ago

DRM itself is not an issue, it's how it's implemented and whether or not technology is ready to properly support it. DRM has many forms, and both this and next gen systems utilize it in different forms.

Imalwaysright2261d ago

DRM means one thing to me: trying to take ownership of my games from me and giving control to greedy publishers. It is not how you implement, its the whole concept behind it.

H0RSE2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

PS+ has all those games you can download for free. The catch? You need to be subscribed to PS+ to be able to play them. Once you stop paying, you stop playing. It's like Netflix - you have access to all the movies in their library and can watch them as often as you like - as long as you have a subscription.

When you stop paying for PS+ and are essentially "locked out" of your games, this is a form of DRM.

When you need to have the disk in the console to play it, even if you installed the game to the HDD, this is a form of DRM.

You are entitled to think what you want and be as anti-DRM as you want to be, but do be aware that both consoles will be using forms of DRM, whether it be attached to the consoles themselves or the services they offer.

skydragoonity2261d ago

Thanks to sony they performed a 180... Hopefully they still make another u turn and sell kinectless versions because i don't need kinect for anything really. XBOX OFF

gaelic_laoch2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Credit where credit is due an it does takes courage to admit you miscalculated consumer mood. The only thing left to haul M$ up on is are they sincere and will they try to re introduce there questionable policies in the future.

What has really has been outed his how many people were willing to apologize on behalf of M$ for every stroke they tried to pull!

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