Diablo III: Better On PC Or Console?

VideoGamer: "Diablo 3’s release on consoles is a significant step for Blizzard. It is, after all, the first time the series has made the switch since Diablo was ported to the original PlayStation in 1998."

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Baka-akaB2263d ago

Without forced online and the auction , its probably better on consoles . Still i wouldnt bother with it on ps/360and wait for a XB1/ps4 version

Thehyph2263d ago

I'm getting the ps3 version, but I will probably get the ps4 version, too.

I haven't played the PC version, but I would cast my vote for console. I'm, clearly, ignorant to all sides of this question. Based on my own experiences with every other Diablo game: the fact that this game is not still insanely popular with a massive hardcore online community means that something went wrong. This is not the way Diablo has been before.

Plus, drop-in couch co-op is about the single coolest feature you can add to this game. I plan on having a few Friday or Saturday nights with some friends, drinks, and Diablo 3.

Half an hour until I get off work and can go pick up the game!

pandehz2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Previous Diablo's were in a time when Internet use and blogging was not so popular.

Diablo 3 is in a time when the most VOCAL MINORITY spammed the forums with the most stupid reasons.

Majority are enjoying the game. I bet Diablo 3 will stay on pc for yrs to come, by then even console palyers would have stopped playing.

Log in at any time on pc and its full of players till today considering its more than a yr old.

adorie2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I hate myself for investing so much time into this game. I had fun,spent many hours on it and beat INferno beafore any nerfs were applied.

In fact, I think it's appropriate to say that I probably won't be buying any more Blizzard games after DIII. Salty as F! I had 3 35+ Paragon's decked out and their followers decked out too.

The game is fun at the beginning, but the content is lacking, the drop system is like walking up a mountain, the story is shit, what they did to Cain also pisses me off, the dialogue is that of a World of Warcraft game or something far worse, like super hero/super villain speeches.

How the NPC's spoke, for the most part, was kind of odd too, like it was actors just spouting lines rather than feeling like they are part of the story.

The game has potential with the expac, but I HIGHLY doubt I will be returning.
DIII ruined everything that D1 and D2 had set up for it. It could have been one of the greatest games with replayvalue,of all time, but instead it's something far too unfamiliar and lacklustre to be rememebred for anything else, other than mediocrity.

Vocal minority?
Lol... okay. When I left, most of the people I was playing with were bots.

I left after a major patch, which introduced a glitch where you could dupe gold using the RMAH, the economy was screwed and Blizzard did not remove everyone's* gold who took advantage, leaving the gap frompoor to rich, still intact.

They screwed this game up big time and hardcore fanboys don't want to admit it.
Nevermind the devs and community managers who refused to acknowledge most of the problems.
Jay WIlson stepped down for a reason and I'm willing to bet it had something to do with his Facebook crap, poor handling of the game, short sightedness and other crap I fail to mention.

Also, level 60 cap... come the F on. That was something that REALLY pissed me off at first. It still kind of bothers me that they would go the WoW route on levels, it shows they're only out for money, lazy and, or both.

user74029312263d ago

consoles, playing on pc felt so wrong,like it doesn't belong there

adorie2263d ago

Enemy Variation is a joke, lack of randomly generated dungeons lowers replay value.Very linear compared to D2.

pandehz2263d ago

No idea coz I havent played on console.

On pc its a blast.

2263d ago
MasterCornholio2263d ago

Best on XB1/PS4.

Motorola RAZR i

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The story is too old to be commented.