Bully's boy-on-boy kiss goes mainstream

Reuters reported on Bully's boy-on-boy kissing, brilliantly dubbed "Warm Tea," by Sex in Video Games author Brenda Brathwaite. It's only a matter of time now before the Associated Press picks up the story and news outlets across the country jump into the fray. Depending on where you live on the planet Earth, you're sure to get various versions of spin on the story. So, it's a good time to go over some developments, and clear up some issues, since our initial piece:

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InMyOpinion4462d ago

God bless christian morals...retards.

Bill Gates4462d ago

This is a really fun game for those that have not tried it.

InMyOpinion4462d ago

It seems very good indeed.

Jakens4462d ago (Edited 4462d ago )

Video games are one small aspect of pop culture and therefore politics. Games have been called bias toward certin groups of people for a while. There are many sterotypes in today's world. You are darn right that some of the bigger news of modern times will go into video games. Racism in games is fading too for example.

I love politics, it is one area that can stir up good discussion and passion for your opinion. I don't have to agree with every thing I see in a game. If I did stick that close to my personal views, then video games, all together, would not be for me. If you now hate the game Bully, that's fine, But don't try to preach to millions that they can't make their own choice on what to buy/play.

AKA: I disagree with what Jack Thompson is doing.

FadeToBlack4462d ago

Why wasn't he making out with girls?

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