Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist Review | Saving Content

Excerpt: "Splinter Cell Blacklist is a bit more forgiving this time around, similar to recent games like Dishonored or Mark of the Ninja, where sounding an alarm doesn’t compromise the entire mission. Instead, you’re given the ability to adapt on-the-fly. The Assault playstyle is the furthest thing from Splinter Cell, allowing you to go as loud as can be, shooting anything that moves. The Panther is a deadly, but silent Sam. The Ghost is the classic Sam, skulking in the shadows and taking out his prey as a silent predator with nonlethal takedowns. At any time you can choose for your takedowns to be lethal or nonlethal, removing accidental button presses that ruin your perfect run. At the end of a level, you’re rated on your performance, and bonuses cater to those who leave guards alone entirely.

Sam Fisher is now voiced by Eric Johnson (of Smallville, Rookie Blue), providing a more coherent and age-appropriate sounding voice to the role."

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