Review: Rayman Legends — The Mary Poppins of Platformers | The Analog Shtick

"About ten years ago when I was first introduced to him, I never imagined Rayman would star in one of my all-time favorite platformers. Sure, Rayman 1, 2 and 3 were good fun. But I felt they lacked the precision, and challenge that can be found in other games of its time, and catagory. A few years later, Rayman dropped the genre almost entirely, in favor of becoming the minigame-centric “Rabbids” series’s mascot. It was a financially successful change, but one that I was never a fan of. Then about three years ago, my outlook on the franchise changed dramatically. While watching E3, there was talk of bringing the Rayman series back to its Origins. And the game they announced did that, and a whole lot more. It breathed new life into the platforming genre with its hectic nature, and gorgeous art-direction. It became one of my favorite platformers of all time... and Legends tops it without breaking a sweat." -Ben Textor | The Analog Shtick

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