Beautiful Rime for PS4 Announcement Trailer in 1080P

Imagine Wind Waker and Ico having a love child. This open-world adventure for PS4 is focused on exploring the ruins of an ancient civilization.

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US8F2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

open world pixel shaded ICO/SOC like game. What is not to like?

The graphics are amazing.

Ryto2269d ago

Why haven't I heard of this game before? The style is gorgeous, it looks like it could be a dreamworks movie. I really like how it kinda looks like a water coloured painting.

If its anything like journey or ico I will definitely be made up.

Deffo be getting this :)

Sevir2269d ago

It uses the same engine powering Jonathan Blow's Game "The Witness". I really love the look, like a painting as you said...

I get a "Wind Waker" meets "Shadow of the Colossus" with a touch of "Journey"

Absolutely beautiful and my most anticipated Indie title after Resogun and Everyone's Gone to Rapture

Skate-AK2269d ago

Wow. I didn't know it used The Witness engine but now I can totally see that. Bubz.

Makasu2269d ago

Wind Waker <3 Ico <3 Flower

jmac532269d ago

This game looks amazing. Can't wait! There needs to be more games like this.

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The story is too old to be commented.