The Case For Video Games As An Olympic Sport

Mark from Corrupted Cartridge writes "There’s already multiple different competitions going on for gaming as a sport around the world such as MLG which features a few different games and competitions in games like League Of Legends and Dota.

It makes me wonder… could it ever generate enough interest to become a fully fledged sport with televised events or become part of the Olympics?"

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Asv6SEMPER2270d ago

I'm totally opposed for video games in Olympic games, because its just not the same public: imagine a Olympic public watching a gaming competition, they would just simply leave or even worse: laugh at it.

MLG, LNP, Dota is already enough, dont want that gaming competition chould be world wide known as Olympic Games; its just not the same kind of thing.

PurpHerbison2270d ago

Video games need to stay their own thing. Competitive or not. Getting really fed up with this whole "sport" BS.

Rooted_Dust2270d ago

I don't see this even being a possibility for at least 50 years. Video games don't have the history. Most Olympic events have been practiced for a least 100 years. Who knows what form video games will have by then.

Enigma_20992270d ago

Video Games as an OLYMPIC sport?!?!?!

You have officially gone too far...

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