LittleBigPlanet Dev build leaked

Someone in a PSN friends list of the Administrator from was recently playing this. The website asked him to give a a proof of playing actually playing the game and he sent him some in-game screenshots. The bad thing is that he didnt want the screenshots to be posted them online, the reason is still unknown.

But there was a change to make a photo while the guy was playing the game. People that think that it is photoshop or something... well its not . You can zoom in on the photo and then can see that no pixels have been changed however and that its completly real.

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Giz3931d ago

But don't we all ^-^

kosha3931d ago

hopefully this means that LBP is close to being finished. I cant wait for this game

Sangria3931d ago

If its release date is September 2008, i don't think LBP will be finished soon :-\

Tarasque3931d ago

I think i more hyped for this game than alot of the other titles to come out this year.

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Fishy Fingers3931d ago

I'm not jealous.... *punches a kitten*

crazy250003931d ago

omg that was too awesome! couldnt stop laughing :)

TheExecutive3931d ago

game is going to be amazing thats for sure.

M4GN3T3931d ago

I really want this game.. its soo awsome!

gonzopia3931d ago

Me too! I'm not quite sure why... I'm a little hazy on the exact premise and purpose of the game, but the running around just looks like fun!

meepmoopmeep3931d ago

hope this person doesn't get caught and fired for this.
lucky dude anyhow

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The story is too old to be commented.