DualShockers Quick Tips: G.I. Joe Battleground Strategies On Building a Better Team

Remember when knowing was half the battle? Yes! Then relive your childhood PSA moments and start virtually collecting all of your favorite 1980’s G.I. Joes and Cobra villains. G.I. Joe Battleground lets you do just that: collect and battle all of your old favorites.

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taz80803742d ago

This game gets pretty addictive quickly. Especially if you are a huge fan of GI Joes.


Ninja Alien: Survival Arena Review | Hardcore iOS

Developed by Spicy Sparks, Ninja Alien: Survival Arena is… difficult to define. On the surface, it’s a stage-based action-fighting game, but settling for that description would be doing the title a disservice. From the combo-based combat system through the material-gathering and crafting elements to the various ways the player tackles challenges, Ninja Alien manages to be both unique and intuitive.

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PlayStation Stars Campaigns and Digital Collectibles for December 2023

Visit PlayStation Stars on PlayStation App for the latest campaigns.

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Einhander19721d 8h ago

The program has been incredibly popular, some of the collectables are pretty cool too. I like the ones for classic PlayStation hardware that you owned like the exact PS3 models you had VITA PSP PS4 models, as well as characters from games that you often get from the "Hard Game Challenge" are pretty fun too.

Hopefully they add it to the PS5 dashboard, apparently it's in the works.


Demeo Comes to iPad & Mac

Resolution Games' hugely popular virtual board game, Demeo, is now available for Mac and iPad gamers, including crossplay.