New Killzone: Shadow Fall HD Screenshots Introduce the Black Hand

Guerrilla Games sent in today three new HD screenshots of Killzone: Shadow Fall giving a glimpse on one of the factions that will be part of the upcoming PS4 exclusive, The Black Hand.

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GarrusVakarian2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Those character models look awesome. Love those Hellghast masks!

Abriael2267d ago

Yeah, they've been my number one reason for loving the art direction of the Killzone series for years :D

Maddens Raiders2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

The Black Hand seems to the be the Helghast version of a quasi-Taliban group? This is kind of cool! As for the graphic fidelity of the screenshots, they speak for themselves. No one can hold back the Guerilla Gods but the Gods themselves.

Gimmemorebubblez2267d ago


The Blackhand a Serbian insurgent group assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914 to spark WW1. :)

Thisisjuju2267d ago

I hear "The black hand" and just think command and conquer.

ZBlacktt2267d ago

You sure don't play Killzone games... Hell, you don't even game much. You're probably to busy stealing other people stories trying to take credit for them. But stay classy my friend.

G20WLY2266d ago

^Z, grow the hell up and get on with your life - what are you, a stalker?!

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scott1822267d ago

Are they in game? That is some cgi shiz right there. Blowing my mind right now.

adorie2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

As far as I know, everything shown is in gameor in-engine. Makes the target render for kz2 look a lil poopie, by comparison, in my opinion at least.

GiggMan2267d ago

They always look way cooler than the ISA.

M-M2267d ago

I still think it kind of resembles a cat xD. Love the models though.

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Ripsta7th2267d ago

I REALLY want customizable online characters, please.make it happen. I always love games that have this ,makes you feelmore unique. Ex. Uncharted, halo, TLOU

Ripsta7th2267d ago

so you guys don't want customizable characters?

wenaldy2267d ago

You're on the wrong place, Go to

FlunkinMonkey2267d ago

I think it would be cool to have customizable characters just for clans (since i'm hoping the clan system will be more integral to the online experience just like KZ2), i think that being able to theme your clan only would be cool, but would otherwise be too cluttered on a map for everyone.

(i didn't disagree though) :)

Chapster2267d ago

I love Killzone.

But aren't those goggles kind of impractical? The goggles on the first soldier are quite small and the beehive goggles obstruct your vision.

Lboogieskells2267d ago

Your thinking earth Tech, the whole killzone universe is impractical in that respect.

Abriael2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Probably, but who cares when they look this cool? :D

Maddens Raiders2267d ago

Well the "goggles" actually enhance their vision and give them AR feedback to the environment around them.

Remember the Helghast as a whole have "changed their bodies" in order to withstand the harsh environment on Helghan, so to them aids like this seem quite normal and are very practical.

ravinash2266d ago

I like the way they have started using those new LED lights in their goggles.

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Sevir2267d ago

My body is ready! I simply can't wait for this game!

Sketchy_Galore2267d ago

I like their cute homemade Garrus masks. Just goes to show, even evil mercenaries from some dystopian future enjoy a little Mass Effect cosplay now and then.

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