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Let's rewind back a few months to E3. Microsoft's recently revealed Xbox One was already getting a lot of hate for its always-online features and the scrapping of second hand game sales. The platform holder was also criticised for focusing on TV shows and movies instead of what a console should be designed for - videogames. Microsoft promised to make it up to fans by showcasing several Xbox One titles at E3, and one such game was Titanfall. Little did we know how important that game could turn out to be.

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thetamer2268d ago

Great preview, can't wait to take on everyone myself... Although I will kick ass...

superbhoy2267d ago

how can it kill cod if its exclusive to pc and x1?

pierce2267d ago

It's exclusive for now, but I'm willing to bet it will make it's way to the PS4 eventually. If not the first Titanfall then definitely the sequel. I think the franchise has the potential to overtake Call of Duty if that carries on the way it has been.

GiggMan2267d ago

Also it would have to release every year...

3-4-52267d ago

Because it's the makers of MW1, the game current COD fans love and are still playing.

COD fans can't really hate on Titanfall, they would then be really hating on the core of their own game.

The reason they are playing COD right now, is because of the people who made Titanfall ( or thought of the idea at least ).

Cod fans WILL play this and realize exactly what COD should have evolved into.

staticdash222267d ago

I'm confused, how can a game kill COD if its a console exclusive?

Activision's last claim to COD dominance is that they make over a billion a year from it. Sure, titanfall could kill COD in the quality aspect, but in terms of player base and sales I'm afraid cod will still claim the top spot. The only way to truly stomp on it for good, is to outsell it. Then everyone truly sees that the series is done.

chrissx2267d ago

The only way it can have a chance to compete with COD is when it becomes available on other consoles apart from M$'s and pc

skydragoonity2267d ago

I don't get the hype about this game. Its just a basic fps

Roper3162267d ago

agreed and my biggest issue is the lack of any SP campaign same goes for Destiny for me. I have no interest in either title for that reason alone.

Kevlar0092267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

After playing it at PAX the gameplay feels alot like Call of Duty, except with Mechs and more mobility

Games like CoD and BF3 thrived off of Multiplayer anyway, the single-player was mostly filler to a lot of players

TF cates to the multiplayer military FPS that dominated this generation. I question how far it can live off just multiplayer, but for what I and other played it's really fun and gives you a sense of being in the action

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