Grand Theft Auto V Midnight Launches

The wait is almost over - Grand Theft Auto V will arrive on 17th September, and GAME Stores throughout the country will be opening at Midnight to let you get your hands on the highly-anticipated game as soon as possible!

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Fasttrack762267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

Count me in brighton

ArchangelMike2267d ago

The probalem with GAME and their midnoght launches is that the game is cheaper when ordered online. Online GTA V is £40.99, but in store it is £44.99

HolyDuck2267d ago

Probably because in store you have to talk to someone, online it's pretty much automated so you're not paying extra for wages, that my thinking anyway.

2pacalypsenow2267d ago

the cost of workers plus building rent, be glad its only 4 more

NBT912267d ago

Then they'd have to open Churchill square at midnight just to let people in to go to the lower floor where GAME is...
Might see you there through :) still debating whether I can be bothered to go to midnight launch

axerated2267d ago

I'm getting mine from blockbuster, purely because its two streets away from my flat. It's gonna be hard to juggle this game with starting a new job that week, it's all about prioritising. Gta 5>employment

Shuyin2267d ago

Lol, that made me chuckle.
Thanks man xD.

Lighter92267d ago

The problem is the idiots that show up at midnight.