XBox One’s sound block is much more than audio

The last major chunk of the XBox One is the audio subsystem and the eight co-processors that make it up. This is not just a sound card with a lot of channels, while the Audio Processors block does that it also does things like positional audio and beam forming for the Kinnect. Think of this more as a DSP block than a Sound Blaster. All said, the entire unit can do 15.4 GFLOPS and a claimed 18G OPS in total including the FP and scalar functions.

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GarrusVakarian2262d ago

Is any one else really tired of Tflops and Gflops and GB's and RAM and boring numbers?

I just want to see and play some games!

Vip3r2262d ago

No. I actually care and have an interest in electrical hardware.

Especially if I were to depart £430+ for it too. Which I'm not btw.

CRAIG6672262d ago Show
malokevi2261d ago

Love how they are amping up the audio processors. I read somewhere, and this might have been a type... that it supports 19.5 surround sound. WTF? he means 9.5... right?? 19 channels... lol.

Anyways, definitely validates my new stereo equipment. My Xbox is gonna sing!

thrust2262d ago

I just want release dates

Wikkid6662262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Hard to take an article seriously when they can't even spell Kinect properly.

Dakriz2262d ago

I'm tied of it all.

let the games talk stop the hating and just enjoy you current and future gaming.

EXAMPLE I'm here at work sneaking to okay some PLS 2 on my tablet (love Kairosoft hope they bring there magic to DS and Vita and more).

I have a serious battle with my girl in Zen pinball in my Vita. And I'm stuck on Wave 7 on Blacklist on my 360 and latter tonight I might do some jogging and end the night with a little Your Shape.

Life cannot be any better if you really enjoy your gaming time.

SilentNegotiator2262d ago

Why do so many people think that criticizing things in the gaming industry means that you don't enjoy games?

Ahh, once again, Jim's wisdom comes in handy.

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