Why we shouldn't assume Microsoft wasn't using Xbox One hardware at PAX

Examiner: "This weekend at PAX Prime there was some murmur among game fans as it came to light that Battlefield 4 and Titanfall were using Xbox One controllers but running on PC. Many jumped to conclusions and decided that surely Microsoft must be doing the same, despite those reports however, thanks to Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) we now believe that it's safe to say that all games at Microsoft's Xbox One booth were running on actual Xbox One hardware."

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Wizziokid2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

So Titanfall and BF4 weren't on XB1 hardware but those at the Xbox booth were? I.E. Forza, Dead Rising and KI

"As far as the reports from PAX Prime go, Hryb dismissed them saying, "Titanfall was not in the Xbox booth [Ed note: Neither was Battlefield 4] from what I saw over at EA's booth (and at PAX) they were on PC's w/ the Xbox controllers. Remember though: Titanfall is shipping in Spring on PC as well as Xbox 360 and Xbox One."

RuleNumber52263d ago

I really hate how Titanfall for Xbox 360 is being made by a studio other than Respawn Entertainment. Really sucks and I think that version of the game is going to be inferior from a gameplay standpoint. Glad I'm buying on Xbox One!

abzdine2263d ago

they're not using X1 because they have obvious hardware problems. it's also the reason why the release date is still unknown today.

RuleNumber52263d ago

Still though, I don't like the outsourcing of dev work to another studio. Just doesn't bode well for full integrity of the version, we'll see tho.

OC_MurphysLaw2263d ago

@crock7owu10.... You do have to wonder if the 360 version being made was part of some broader deal. I have no doubt MS probably wanted this game just for Xbox One but Respawn probably pushed for PC too and EA said if you are looking for some kind of exclusivity timed or otherwise we want this on 360 as well for the big user base with the caveat for Respawn that they could offload that version to another dev.

malokevi2263d ago


As usual, you don't read. Or if you do, you do your best not to understand.

MS already stated that every single game running in the Xbox booth was running natively on the hardware.

Outside the Xbox booth, Microsoft has no say on what hardware gets used. It only makes sense to have them running on PCs... since both games are being developed on PC, and in the case of Battlefield, with PC as the lead platform.

Look at the controllers they used... definitely not Playstation controllers!

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Abriael2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

"[Ed note: Neither was Battlefield 4]"

Battlefield 4 was at the Xbox booth. Whoever Ed is, he lies.

BlueBlood172263d ago

LOL 'whoever Ed is...' brilliant!

Godmars2902263d ago

So basically they only want to show Titanfall in its best light, which means only showing the PC version.

Hicken2263d ago

My thing is: does it make things any better if they did show off Battlefield and others on XB1?

Battlefield, in particular, was so scaled back it was sad. I'd almost rather say, "Yeah, that was a PC build with an XB1 controller," than admit that was the best I had for my new console.

Godmars2902263d ago

Its a slight misdirection meant to suggest what the XB1 can do graphically. MS gets bragging rights, and people who buy the XB1 wont know the difference. At best they'll have recommendations from the media.

sentury1112263d ago

What's the difference if it is or isn't. The thing that matters is what is finally shipped and if this is an accurate representation of the final product is going to look like then that's ok with me.

Lots of times companies use prototypes to demo products, like cars and other electronics and movies. With movies they are working on them sometimes until a week before release. The final product usually is better effects wise than the preview.

As long as Xbone is released in November and it plays the games at 60fps/1080p then they did good. If not then go ahead and bitch.

Lastly before you bitch, I'm sure some 3rd party titles will not be 1080p but they will not be on the PS4 either.

Deadpoolio2263d ago

There is a huge difference between using a PC with maybe slightly more powerful than your consoles specs...It's just flat out ass clown lying when your using everything that isn't in your console...They're using Windows 7 and Nvidia graphics cards, when the One80 is designed around Windows 8 and using AMD chips.

Killer instinct will not be 1080p will be 720p

sentury1112263d ago

Doesn't change the fact that if it's how the final product looks then what's the difference. If it's not accurate of final release visuals then bitch.

I'll hold my reservations until November and see if the games were misrepresented or not.

stuff2263d ago

Off topic; Has Msoft revealed the dimensions for Kinect? Every time I see a picture,I only see how huge it looks compared to the Xbone.

bligmerk2263d ago

Major Douchebag is going to stick to this clown routine as long as he can. TGS is only 3 weeks away and that is where the rubber meets the road. So far, it has been nothing but BS from MS. They can't pull this crap about a i7-GTX780 PC being "representative" of the XBone at TGS, it is too late in the game for that, with launch in November. Maybe the XBone is finished, in more ways than one, but all appearances are that MS is very afraid of showing actual XBone games on actual XBones in the public. TGS is probably going to show why.

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