Do you want £25,000 to make a game prototype

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has partnered with IC tomorrow which has launched the ‘Digital Innovation Contest – Games' where five winners each could get £25,000 to make a prototype and Each successful applicant will retain their intellectual property.

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TimeSkipLuffy2271d ago

that is great!!! Recently Sony is really pushing it. They try to get every talent the can get on their ship.
That is the way to secure a bright future for your console! Congrats!

ChazzH692271d ago

It's not just Sony who are partnering in this, there is Crytek UK, Google and more!

r212271d ago

Good luck to all the new developers out there!

ABizzel12271d ago

Oooh, I want to enter this so bad. Any word on a US version of something like this?

ChazzH692269d ago

Sadly not. But if there ever is, I'll post in on :)