Indie Stores Struggling to get Grand Theft Auto V for Sale

Think that selling a game is as easy as buying some copies and waiting for delivery? Think again! An indie games store owner has struggled to get even a single copy of Grand Theft Auto V for his shop, and the things Rockstar need him to do to change that are more than a little ridiculous...

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claud32263d ago

That's just business, get over it

matgrowcott2263d ago

Nobody said it wasn't just business.

You know what else is just business? Day one DLC. Pre-order bonuses. Timed exclusives.

I'm willing to bet business that actively affects you is BAD "just business" and anything else is GOOD "just business" though, right?

WolfLeBlack2263d ago

Indeed, it is just business, but that phrase does not and never should render a company exempt from criticism.

I did note he breaks the street date, so I'm surprised a lot of places are still dealing with him. Personally I'm not judging either way, but companies usually refuse to deal with a shop that puts their games on the shelf early.

Having said that Rockstar don't seem to care about that as they've stated if he turns the shop into advertising nervada he'll get copies for sale.

I see both sides here. Rockstar will naturally want to prioritize which companies get the games because there's a finite amount available.

I also understand the shop owners point of view. But then he should consider that while it may be a bit of a pain in the arse GTA V is one of, if not the, biggest release of the year, so it would probably be idea to agree in order to pick up some extra sales.

I wonder if the larger stores have to heed to this? I assume not since their capacity to sell copies regardless will ensure they've got stock.

matgrowcott2263d ago

I was wondering that about larger stores myself. There are a lot of stories about GAME throwing their weight around, threatening not to sell certain games if they're not handled in very specific ways...

GTA must be one of the two or three franchises that could get away with telling them to stick it. It'd be an interesting power shift if so.

With that said, neither side can afford to annoy the other.

josephayal2263d ago

I think GTA V will sell close to 25-35 million first day

GarrusVakarian2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Lol wut?

GTA 4 has 25 million LIFETIME sales.

vishmarx2263d ago

it WILL top gta 4 though
more consoles sold + much better game

2263d ago
JackVagina2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

Am i reading this correctly? he broke halo 4s street date 3 weeks early??

good riddance hes not getting any GTA V stock, he should be sued.

Dfooster2263d ago

I work for a store (albeit a large corporate store) and I confirm that we are getting stock of this game on the Wednesday before release.

So don't believe all of this story, it sounds like he's been fed a few lies as i would imagine demand will be no doubt through the roof and the smaller indie stores are unfortunately bottom of the priority list.