Interview: All About DirectX 10

Atomic talks DirectX 10 with Chas Boyd to find out why it's Vista only, what it can do and if it's as good as they have heard.

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Pain3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Ill take SONY/Nintendo's/ open GL anyday way beter and smoother, proof is in the games.

Goodfella783839d ago

the supposed improvements in dx10 are laughable,open gl is superior by far.peace out........

BludoTheSmelly3839d ago

Only been 1 yr and a half since release. Vista still got a long way to go to get fixed.

DeadlyFire3839d ago

I hear Windows 7(Vienna or whatever) is coming in 2009 now. Whats up with that? Vista getting dropped?

Z F1GHT3RS3838d ago

typical knob gobbeler responce.:[