IGN Playstation 3 Release Dates Updated

Current PS3 release date list.

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Mr_cheese3841d ago

hell of alot of games coming, some good some ok and some really good (GTA4, MGS4 etc) whorahh

Hellsvacancy3841d ago

wot is that, does it hav the new map-pack included?

sonarus3841d ago

50% of those games won't come out this yr.

Scarfy3841d ago

50%? I'd say more than that... More like 75%.


Chuck Norris3841d ago

Still no solid release date for DC Universe.

sonarus3841d ago

Because it probably won't come out this yr. Sony has way too many games piled up. Expect them to start rolling them out slowly next yr

NegativeCreepWA3841d ago

This is going to be good year. I dont think ill have the time play all the games coming out between the 360 and ps3. I guess I thought the same last year, and I still found time for everything. Im Glad I have gamefly for the lesser games coming out.

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The story is too old to be commented.