Mighty No. 9 reaches first Kickstarter stretch goal, will have two more levels

After hitting its funding target in less than two days, Mighty No. 9 has already reached its first Kickstarter stretch goal.

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EXVirtual2269d ago

This is great!
Capcom must be shaking in their boots now.

3-4-52269d ago

So now it's up to 8 rather than 6 ?

EXVirtual2269d ago

Yep, we'll be playing in two more stages! I just checked the Kickstarter page and it's less than 40k before it goes to Mac and Linux. I really hope we can reach console versions, or one of those secret stretch goals is for next gen consoles.

Nerdmaster2269d ago

It's good, but I still think that Kickstarter should be used by people who really struggle to have their project funded any other way, or developers who don't have much money to work exclusively on their games. Not by estabilished game developers who have the means to get funding in other ways.

DarkBlood2269d ago

just being an establish game developer doesnt do it justice especially if you go to someone big for money that kind of fund is limited versus kickstarter.

beside we get to have input on its development along the way which is looking pretty successfull to happen

Kalebninja2269d ago

it takes 150k to make a video?