Microsoft's Penello on why Xbox One's Kinect will overcome its "perception problem"

Panello on the cons of accessories, "The con is, when developers can't rely on it, when they don't know it's there, they're never going to take full advantage of it. So, you get these inconsistent gaming experiences, you get inconsistent implementation, game developers had to choose to take CPU power away from the console to support the skeletons. And what we said was, for those of us that use it - like I don't play Pixar Rush, it's not my kind of game, but I use Kinect all the time for Xbox pause, Xbox play."

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allformats2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

It's not a perception problem. It's a gimmick problem.

And gimmicks never last.

theWB272262d ago

Gimmick? Is it only a gimmick because Microsoft is the first to finally make this a mandatory thing?

Last I checked....Sony has made improvements to their motion gaming. They've also had it for how many generations now?

Wii sold how many systems with its primary controls being motion?

Original Kinect sold 26 million in a few years.

Seriously I can't understand why it's a gimmick if the big three all invest in the tech. It has to be the Micro hate and the fact they include it with every X1.

GarrusVakarian2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

"Seriously I can't understand why it's a gimmick if the big three all invest in the tech."

You have your answer right there, gimmicks sell. Hence why all 3 invest so heavily.

Septic2262d ago

It's not a gimmick.

Many might abhor Microsoft's decision to make the Kinect mandatory but it really is the boldest move they've made.

They've made the difficult decision and are going against the tide of core gamer sentiment for now, but if the Kinect is an integral part of the console experience like MS say it is, and if Kinect really proves its worth (beyond mere motion control gaming) then we are in for a real treat.

It can be a game changer but ONLY if it works. The Kinect Sports Rivals hands-on of mine might reinforce those old perceptions but that shouldn't take away from the potential of Kinect to do the other things well.

I'm cautiously optimistic and that's the most positive you can reasonably be with the Kinect considering its past pedigree.


Maybe if MS invested more money into making sure their first party studios actually created hardcore games using it to it's full potential, instead of wasting money on timed DLC, maybe gamers would have a better view of it and 3rd party devs would see more value in trying to make use of it.

If more 3rd party dev's then started to use it in more creative ways gamers would have even less of a reason to view it as a gimmick.

Just because it comes in the box does not guarantee that it's going to be used in some compelling way.

Anyone remember that ps3 had motion control built into the controllers... EVERY CONTROLLER, yet how many devs actually did anything really compelling and useful with it?

this idea that just cos it's in the box it will be used better is bullcrap. it's still not been shown doing anything other then gimmicky voice commands.

MWong2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

I think my issue with the "perception" of the Kinect is that it's forced on the consumer. Previously, M$ announced it as being mandatory to use the XBone, fine, I need it. Now it's not, as a consumer I currently have no wants for a motion capture device. Consumers shouldn't be forced to purchase hardware that is not necessary. Then why am I being required to pay extra money for a console with one? The XBone probably only costs $350-$375 and the Kinect $125-$150.

It's not my/the consumers fault that M$ probably spent well over $100M in R&D to improve a device that only 25% of it's installment base wanted in this gen. The cost of the Kinect R&D needs to be recouped so we will probably not see a Kinect-less console anytime soon.

Cueil2262d ago

it's closer to 50/50 on cost of the system...

MWong2262d ago

50/50 no that's way too uneven. You're saying the XBone is $250 & the Kinect is $250.

SuperLupe2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

There is no doubt whatsoever that it will ovecome its "perception problem".

Just the fact that everybody that owns a Xbox One will also have Kinect makes it already a mass product to become.

On top of that Kinect 2.0 is hand down more promising and advanced than the first Kinect so people will enjoy the functions it adds.

A gimmick is omething like the PS Move ---> dropped like a dead horse as soon as Sony could. Nobody wanted it, not even Sony but they did it anyway because Ninty and MS were doing it too. There was never a long term plan for it, it was just there for the sake of it.

paul-p19882262d ago

I agree with the PS Move, i kept seeing games use it really well and thought i needed it, so i went and bought it... then only a few decent games came out and now mine just gathers dust...

Boody-Bandit2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

"Just the fact that everybody that owns a Xbox One will also have Kinect makes it already a mass product to become."

Just the fact that MS is including it into the box, which raises the price of ownership $100 more than it's competitor, when most of your core audience has next to no interest in it, is going to cost you sales out of the gate. It is one of the reasons I am holding off on getting an X1. Seriously, no fanboy speak here. MS needs to either get behind this peripheral 110% or offer a Kinect-less SKU.

As of now I have not seen ONE game that proves this perp will appeal to anyone but casuals. Most of it's implementation into core games will be something that would be better served with traditional controls and a microphone.

MS either needs to get off the duff and go all in with Kinect or offer multiple skus like they did with the 360 and leave it up to the consumer. If anything I think we have seen what happens when you try to push an unpopular vision off on consumers. That is why MS has rescinded some of those less than popular restrictions / features. They have also made Kinect "non" mandatory now. So how can that be viewed as a positive and where are the games that make the core gamer say, "wow, now that is really cool and original. I am more of a traditional controller gamer BUT I would like to give that game a try." So far I have yet to see one.

2262d ago
Belking2262d ago

A gimmick that sony is desperate to

paul-p19882262d ago

Actually the Eyetoy came out first, so if anyone is copying it would Microsoft...

stuna12262d ago

Just on the assumption of one company copying from another, I've always had the understanding it's not who does it first, it's who does it better! Nintendo has a solid stable of core as well as casual game that uses motion controls, especially after adding motion plus.

Sony has a much smaller stable of games utilizing motion gaming, but it's also a mixed bag of core as well as casual games! Mind you Killzone 3 is a shining example of motion controls being utilized effectively in a core FPS.

Microsoft also has a stable of games using hands free motion controls, the difference is the majority are casual titles, with a few core sprinkled in for good measure, but how many core motion control titles performed as good or better than the competition core titles? None.

ExDexteraDomini2262d ago

If it were a gimmick, it wouldn't work, it wouldn't be useful, and it wouldn't be used by third party developers.

It works, it will be useful and enjoyable in a large number of games, and it is being used by third party devs.

XB1_PS42262d ago

It is a perception problem, it's perceived as a gimmick.. lol

Kuse2262d ago

Just like that Cell technology that PS3 had right? lol

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MrSwankSinatra2262d ago

Why should gamers have to pay premium for this kinect crap if they know they aren't gonna use it.

B-radical2262d ago

im getting x1 at launch and i agree aha since i have to pay for it though i will hook it up

MrSwankSinatra2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

If Microsoft quit being stubborn an just made kinectless Xbox one SKU. Guarantee it would make xbox one more enticing to consumers.

SuperLupe2262d ago

Well MS think that they see the potential that you dont. Give them a year and if it doesnt add anything to the Xbox One experience then yes you can call it useless.

I for one dont mind it at all, on the contrary looks pretty slick to me.

RytGear2262d ago

Yeah, that "Fighter Within" demo looked SO slick. /s

biRdy2262d ago

Microsoft is taking a huge gamble here with making the kinect mandatory, this will hurt them for the first few years but will insure every xbone owner has a kinect. This means developers no longer have to worry about making a game for kinect when only about 40% of owners will be able to use it.

Cueil2262d ago

those stupid gimmicky analog sticks turned out to be pretty useful when Sony made them mandatory on every system

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come_bom2262d ago

In all honesty, i think forcing Kinect on every console might cost Microsoft the next gen console war.

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famoussasjohn2262d ago

Forced? It's included without the requirement of it being plugged in. If you want to use Kinect features, obviously it has to be plugged in.

paul-p19882262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

I agree, there are a large amount of hardcore fans who want nothing to do with Kinect, and historically it is the hardcore who will get the console at launch. If they don't want the Kinect they may just jump ship to Sony/Nintendo to avoid it.

Also, if the hardcore don't buy the console, then their non-hardcore friends may not buy the console as they cannot play with them.

It may not sound like much, and we all know MS are pushing Kinect like crazy, but with a few lost sales at the start because of the inclusion of Kinect could potentially spiral into a large loss of sales in the future.

Obviously this could be applied to every console (Wii U is a current example, not many people own them, so no-one wants to get one as their friends don't have them) and history certainly has a habit of repeating itself...

come_bom2262d ago

I agree. Microsoft losing those hardcore gamers at the beginning of the consoles "life cycle" is not good for present and future sales. It's the hardcore gamers that buy the most games.

One other thing is that a lot of people buy a console to play multi-platform titles like Battlefield or Call of Duty, and they will buy the cheapest console to play those games. Microsoft fails to understand that they sold a lot of consoles last gen simply because they had the cheapest HD console.

gaelic_laoch2262d ago

Kinect needs to overcome its depth perception problem first and actually deliver on what it says it does!

paul-p19882262d ago

Yup, my wife's cousin has one and we played it on his birthday (i'm the only other gamer in the family lol). He has a large, by UK standards, living room but we had to move everything out of the way and had roughly 3-4m square of free space and it still said we needed to move away from the camera....

We played Kinect sports football and i had to jump for it to realise where my legs were....

gaelic_laoch2262d ago

Yeap UK and Ireland are not known for large houses and living rooms. I had to pack up my Kinect as someone was going to get injured!

MWong2262d ago

Yea, you need a new vid. That's 10 minutes long lol.

KonsoruMasuta2262d ago

It's just the same thing looped over and over again. You don't have to watch the whole thing to get the message.

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