The Crew dev: Always-online is the future

Creating open world console games that require a constant connection to the internet are the future, according to The Crew's creative director Julian Gerighty.

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Kayant2270d ago

Well I just I won't be playing too many Ubisoft/EA games then because they seem to be doing the same thing.

I love how he comments about steam --> "Steam, always online - that's great. We should be focusing on the advantages it brings instead of thinking it's a piracy check measure because that's not why we're doing it.

"It really is for this living, breathing world."

Loool all this is that they want more control over their games.

steve30x2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

You can play steam in offline mode. Always online is not the future. There are just as many people who prefer offline than online. I would almost guess that there are more people who prefer to play single player offline that there are people who prefer to play online. s soon as all games go always online I will stop gaming. Anyway whoever made such a comment should look at hat happened to the Xbox 1 24 hour DRM.

malokevi2270d ago

Everyone knows it... hard to believe that people still take themselves seriously denying it.

EA and Ubi are the biggest game publishers out there. Stop playing their games? lol...

I embrace the online future.

dumahim2270d ago

Sure. If they're going to focus on making games that are practically unplayable without being online, it'll be easy to not buy/play them.

I play games to relax and do what I want with my free time. I'm not going to fuss about trying to line up friends schedules to play a game and then have people agree on what to do and spend time sitting around because someone has to do something really quick. And forget about playing with random people.

Somebody2270d ago

"Stop playing their games? lol... "

It's not impossible or funny. When Ubisoft implemented its always online DRM for all of its PC titles a couple of years back, I actually stopped buying any of their games to protest. It wasn't until this year after Ubisoft copied...I mean emulated...Steam, that I finally bought some Ubisoft games (Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Splinter Cell Blacklist).

When Crytek and then EA confirmed that all of their future titles will be online or full of micro transactions even in singleplayer, I avoided a lot of EA titles since last year. A hard disk failure forced me to reformat my PC several months back but I haven't bothered to re-instal any EA games and Origin. I was relieved to be able to recover my Steam folder but I didn't care about recovering Origin-based EA games or even sad in losing them.

I'm not against online games. I just don't want it to be the only option available.

malokevi2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

EA: BF4, PVZ, Battlefront, Mirrors Edge, Titanfall, Dragons Age...

UBI: Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell, the Division, The Crew, Farcry (hell, everything and anything tom clancy)...

It is impossible and hilarious to me. I'm a gamer, not a protestor. Standing up for tired principals doesn't fit in my scheduled. The internet is available in abundance, and games have been getting progressively better as the internet has become more synonymous with gaming... so why should I care, again?

I've got better things to do then complain about something that has no impact on my ability to play and enjoy the games I love... and might, in fact, facilitate it.

Somebody2270d ago

I guess I'm an old fashioned guy who like standing up for old ideals.

I see offline gaming as if I'm buying a board game, book or toy with my hard earned money and bringing it home. There will always be some rules or limitations that we have to adhere to when using them but it's still our own little home where we get to decide on a lot of stuff.

Fully online gaming on the other hand feels so much like we're going to some theme park. It'll be great fun but it'll cost you each time you go there. You don't get to decide on a lot of stuff because it's not your place.

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Kayant2270d ago

Don't get me wrong I love MP.... It has been my bread and butter for several games now Gears of war especially but I also recently am starting to like playing SP more and I would like that distraction to stay for as long as possible. Am not in denial of anything it's obviously if game publishers/devs had their way in the future once the infrastructure is there then all we will be doing is streaming rented games from the cloud.

Kayant2270d ago

*distinction* *several years*

misterssippi2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Its inevitable. Game systems will be always online and high speed internet connections will be mandatory. That is the future of gaming. Multiplayers, MMOs & constantly evolving open world games with real weather/time cycles. Games and systems will always be updating in the background and devs will have more control over their creations. I, for one, am excited about the possibilities.

admiralvic2270d ago

"I, for one, am excited about the possibilities."

Before you get ahead of yourself... I strongly suggest you look at the track record of some of these games.

FF XIV incorrectly gauged interest and had server problems.
Diablo III had server problems at launch.
DC Universe had server problems at launch.
SimCity had server problems at launch resulting in few people being able to play even the single player part.

Thus far it seems like any game that has requires always online has a crappy launch. Maybe when they can prevent the servers from crashing on day 1, I can start to think of all the awesome things they could add.

Pintheshadows2270d ago

If you want a Ubisoft example for that list look no further than Anno 2070 which required an online connection in addition to Steam. It didn't work for me for 5 days. 5!

CocoWolfie2270d ago

lets just hope internet providers keep up :p

Lboogieskells2270d ago

So far I'm not impressed by the gamplay. The world map is amazing, But I fell like this game is missing personality. Maybe its doing to many things, the off road stuff is defintly not my cup of tea.

Pintheshadows2270d ago

No Ubi, it isn't. I purchased Anno 2070 brand new from Steam on release and had to wait almost 5 days to play it due to your awful Uplay client. If you as a comapany can't do it yet then it isn't the future as no consumer in their right mind will buy into it. I'll never trust one of your always online games again after that. And it wasn't just me either.