Sony boss on PS4/Vita bundle: “No firm plans at this stage to put the two together in one box”

OPM: Sony’s Fergal Gara has put the dampeners on previous rumours of a PS4 and Vita bundle saying the company has, “No firm plans at this stage to put the two together in one box”. The “at this stage” bit does however leave a shred of hope for future deals.

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yellowgerbil2268d ago

Of course they won't talk about it now. They don't want the gamers holding off waiting for it. They want to sell you a launch console, then get a second sale off you with a bigger harddrive and a vita. Just like the slims.
It will happen but not in the systems first 8 months, probably not till it's been out a year.

3-4-52268d ago

They just lowered the price.

They want to see how that effects sales before lowering it another $50 to $150.

Vita @ $150 + PS4 @ $400 = $550 for both = awesome.

Probably will happen between April-Sep of 2014 though.

TimeSkipLuffy2268d ago

Maybe they also introduce a redesigned PSVita to match the PS4 a bit (analog sticks) and bundle that... who knows...
but they talk a lot how both devices are always meant to work alongside... at least they should give the option of a bundle.

nick3092268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

They will bundle them when ps4 price will drop and get a redesign. At 500$ .

ABizzel12268d ago

First they need to see how the Vita sells with it's new price point, and hopefully more AAA games. If a bundle does come it's not happening until Holiday 2014 at the earliest and that's pushing it.

ceedubya92268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

Would be a good thing to do at some point, but not really necessary at this stage. it would definitely drive the price up, but would be good for those that can afford it and wouldn't mind a portable gaming device to use every now and then. I'm definitely looking forward to remote play actually working this time. The remote play features is a good incentive for me to buy certain multis on the PS4 over the One.

Tapani2268d ago

I really really want a PS Vita. I got the cash waiting, but I'm holding off, because I need to know if I can buy a new model within a year or not.

I would feel betrayed if I were to order one now, just to find few weeks later TGS news about the new 4G LTE model with double internal memory for faster multi-tasking and browsing etc.

I JUST NEED TO KNOW, Sony. Don't tease me like this. Oh please don't!

(Professional help has been considered)

miyamoto2268d ago (Edited 2268d ago )

I dont want another PSP 2000 or PSP 3000 scenario. A/V Out is such agreat feature and function commonly present on most portable electronics devices.

It should jave been there on the get go.

Sony needs to let us know about anothere PS Vita iteration.asap.

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