Xbox One will not have Compulsory Demos

With the Xbox 360, you could expect to be able to try any Xbox Live Arcade game before you bought it thanks to Microsoft forcing compulsory demos for such titles, however this is not the case with the Xbox One. Microsoft’s decision to scrap the Arcade Store for the Xbox One means that studios will no longer be obliged to offer demos for their games. In short, there will be no guarantee that digital titles will feature demos.

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allformats2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

What? Who's been making decisions at Microsoft? You guys sure it isn't Kinect calling the shots?

Zichu2262d ago

This will be all down to the developers. To be honest, I don't see a demo for every game on the store.

They don't have a Saints Row 4 demo. They have a character creation demo, but you don't actually play the game. Nor does Blacklist. These are two new games, but even GTA IV doesn't have a demo.

I know MS made the decision to not have mandatory demos, but this is all down to the developers now. It will be the developers fault if they don't put up a demo. It is just called being lazy.

minimur122262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Does PS4 have compulsury demos?

(I'm not being a ps douche, it's an honest question)

Zichu2262d ago


I have no idea tbh. I haven't heard anything about it. They will probably announce it though.

When one announces something, the other usually announces the same thing or something similar.

BLAKHOODe2262d ago

Demos take time and cost money to develop and if done wrong could kill a game's sales. They are a risky investment and I really don't blame developers for wanting to stay away from them, especially with so many studios getting closed down. It has nothing to do with being lazy.

sic_chops2262d ago

@mini if I'm not mistaken, I believe Sony said you will be able to try any game before you buy it. Don't quote on that though. I'll have to do more research.

xBigxBossx2262d ago

This is for arcade games sir. Not AAA games.

HammadTheBeast2262d ago

Can't make a GTA IV demo, how would you restrict an open-world? Maybe a timer, but thats just lame.

Zichu2262d ago


Just Cause 2 had a demo and it's an open world game. I remember playing it, I think it had either a timer, had a limited zone or both.

MYSTERIO3602262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )


You are indeed right, Sony have announced that they will allow consumers to try games before they purchase them.

Following a quote from

''One of the stand-out features of the PS4 must be Sony's embrace of streamed gaming. Using streaming tech from Gaikai, Sony is proposing to let you try games before you buy not by downloading a feature-crippled demo but by letting you play the full game over the internet.

This, Sony says, will change the way you buy games by letting you truly try before you buy.

The PS4 will also learn your preferences and silently download games it thinks you might WANT to buy''


gnothe12262d ago

Did you not see ARCADE GAMES..........every arcade game has a demo mode..

BlueBlood172262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )


As far as I'm aware, no.

But Sony are pushing for devs to make more demos especially as with gaikai you can try a game instantly through streaming (when it becomes available) very quickly with no download needed - which I think is awesome :D

So hopefully there will be many more demos available next-gen as (for PS4 owners at least) there would be really reason not to quickly try out something new.

rainslacker2261d ago

I think Sony's "try before you buy" is probably going to be akin to their full game trials on PS+. Basically it lets you play the full game for 1 hour before buying it. I'd imagine once they get Gaikai up, or manage to get this minimal install thing going with background streaming installs, that you won't be required to download the whole game anymore.

I can't say for sure if all games currently offer full game trials on the PS3 though, I never actually get them. Usually the first hour of a game is just going through tutorials or lengthy cut scenes, so never seemed worth it.

If this is true, it would alleviate the need to make a separate demo.

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generalthadeape2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Funny one allformats!

2262d ago
n4rc2262d ago

Its for arcade titles.... Has nothing to do with AAA demos..

God.. People need to read articles and stop heading right to the comments..

Its taking away a requirement that developers had on them..

nick3092262d ago

Psn dosent get a demo for every single arcade game, indies barely have demos, same with AAA titles.

BallsEye2262d ago

Bullsh!t. Misleading title. They simply said not all games will have demos. Said in original article on OXM, they just don't force devs to release a trial. On 360 they forced it.

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badkolo2262d ago

there will be demos just not forced demos for every arcade game. devs would be insane to decide not to add a demo, people wont buy as much unless they get to try

steve30x2262d ago

The new thing these days is not having a demo for a game. So Don't expect every game on the Xbox One to have a demo.

dazzrazz2262d ago

I guess now you know why most of the retail games don't have demos anymore.Nobody is forcing them at all and they released it only if they feel like having one. But I don't see whats the fucking problem here anyway, xbl arcade demos were actually full titles but with time trial or other (like 1 level restrictions)

Deeke2262d ago

Whaaat?! This is bad. Try before you buy is a huge mantra that allows people to avoid potentially wasteful games.

The prices on XBLA...sorry, the Xbox Games Store (cough) are already too high, especially entertainment content like their movies and such.

Coupled with not being able to try out things via demos, this could lead to a huge loss for M$.


You mean a huge loss for devs? It's their game!

thrust2262d ago

It's upto the devs now that is all.

And it is for arcade games not the full games! Not all full got demos anyway.

THamm2262d ago

"allows people to avoid potentially wasteful games."

This. They lose a ton of sales due to demos. Not only did the demo allow you not to buy garbage but it also allowed you to see the graphical quality, controls, etc. I personally bought waay more xbla games than psn due to demos, but also sometimes the demo alone quenched my thirst for nostalgia.


This is very disappointing! I don't buy games on impulse, I need to try them out first. There will be a lot less arcade games that I buy, but hey...maybe it will save me some money in the long run.

thrust2262d ago

What games are you getting with your next gen console if you are getting one?


I WANT to get Killer Instinct, Killzone, and Forza. However I am hoping that I am able to play them first. KI will be free!

steve30x2262d ago

They will blame Piracy for lack of sales of games if this is true. A lot of people try befgore they buy and if they cant try the game first then they wont chance wasting money on a game they might not like.

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