Stephen Elop to become head of Xbox after Nokia Acquisition is done

GC - "Current Nokia CEO and President Stephen Elop will become the lead of Microsoft services and devices division, which includes the Xbox business."

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tkato2271d ago

GREAT! Elop is very good at taking bad businesses and making them work better, just look at nokia.

eezo2271d ago

lolzzz... just take a look back what this guy has done to Nokia......

Kryptix2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

lol I think it was. Elop has dropped Nokia's stock value by 85% since he started working there.

Look at this chart:

And he also has made bad choices like this one recently that dropped the value even more:

Microsoft are not in a place right now to make any more mistakes but they might have made a big one hiring this guy as the head of Xbox. His history at Nokia crumbled their pace to keep up with Samsung and Apple. Do they really think this guy is going to save the Xbox brand? We'll see, but his history with Nokia isn't impressive at all.

tkato2271d ago

No sarcasm, Elop took a dead in the water brand and made them the 3rd largest ecosystem leader in the mobile industry, regardless of their stocks and everything he made Nokia a good choice once again, and i'm actually a lumia 920 user and after years of using iphones and galaxies I feel that the overall experience i'm getting from it is much better.
Elop in my opinion is a great company leader, the fact that Nokia is still working on things is a wonder considering they were floating for years before he came and gave them direction.


As I said to a friend...

If you dropped Fail into a blackhole, it would still have more hope then the xbone after this news.

Skips2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )


Literally just one letter away from... Flop

hazardman2271d ago

@ Kryptic

I didn't know Xbox needed to be saved.

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allformats2271d ago

So wait, they take the Nokia guy who hasn't been able to make the mobile firm successful and place him as head of Xbox? Does he have any gaming background?

What in the world is going on at Microsoft?!?!?!

JackOfAllBlades2271d ago

Lol at Nokia Guy, I'd rather have Mr. Caffiene

Haules2271d ago

MS doesn't care about a person with a gaming background, because they don't care so much about gaming in general. They just saw the opportunity in consoles can make lots of money. Just look at the Xbox live on the X1 it has 81 features locked behind it.... and Free to play games u can't play those games without buying live gold.

THamm2271d ago

The janitor at Apple may have better luck than any of these guys lately. MS will be fine as long as they put gamers first

THC CELL2271d ago

Looks like Xbox is doomed like Nokia is. Nokia used to be king of phones now it's Apple Samsung sony

KDD101012271d ago

Xbox makes a lot more profit for MS than Playstation does for Sony...

Letros2271d ago

Sony? Don't delude yourself, the only "Kings" are Apple and Samsung.

kingdip902271d ago

This suggests that microsoft want to stay a hardware company, this squashes all the spinning or selling xbox off rumours for now at least

Tatsuya 2271d ago

No one can save Microsoft now

Sarobi2271d ago

HNNNGG.. quite the decision there.

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