COD: Ghosts - The only difference between current and next-gen is 'cosmetic'

Interview with Eric Biessman, multiplayer creative director on Call Of Duty: Ghosts, reveals a fair few... surprises?

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Septic2271d ago

And even the cosmetics leave a lot to be desired when it comes to next-gen. I'm not jumping on the cod=hate bandwagon unecessarily; I've tried liking the game but it just feels so underwhelming. After the departure of West and Zampella, the quality and innovation just came crashing down.

BF4 is a good example of a game that, whilst still being cross-gen, taking advantage of the power of the new consoles by increasing the scale of the game. 64 players with all the vehicles and destruction plus commander mode etc will just be an amazing experience on consoles. It goes beyond mere cosmetic changes.

MWong2271d ago

Very well said, I haven't been the biggest COD fan over the years. Honestly, BF:BC & BF:BC2 changed me over from loving COD. I pre-ordered both games and when I saw the single player reveal I almost cancelled my pre-order for COD. Then I saw the MP reveal and thought to myself what the hell? The game just looks prettier than BO2, but where's the innovation.

So, I'll be keeping my BF4 pre-order and my COD pre-order is gone.

GarrusVakarian2271d ago

I hope devs can come up with different ways to play a game, different enemy ai, different genres. Next gen isn't just about better visuals.

Vip3r2271d ago

Moral of the story - Same COD from the past 6-7 years with some bumpy rocks and N64 fish.

Just what everyone expected.

joeyisback2271d ago

Ps4 version release date November 29th guess xboxone rumor release date November 28th might be true why would they make PS4 users wait that late :-/

Tatsuya 2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

That's because you're doing it wrong Infinity Ward.

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The story is too old to be commented.