Dragon Age: Inquisition on Xbox 360 Won’t Look as Good as on PC, Newer Consoles…or PS3

During a panel held yesterday at PAX Prime, Dragon Age: Inquisition Lead Designer Mike Laidlaw dropped a very interesting (and slightly garbled) statement on how the game will perform on different platforms.

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vishmarx2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

i didnt even realise it was coming to ps360

also im pretty sure the comment was addressing both the ps3 and 360 togeteher

Abriael2264d ago

The wording makes it very unlikely, if that was the case he would have moved to "they" instead of continuing with "it".

In any case, I shoot em a mail asking for clarification, just to be sure.

Aery2264d ago

"Let’s be realistic here, the Xbox 360 will probably look not quite as nice as the PC or the newer consoles… Or the PS3…"

Wow ...

Anyway, Ps4 or PC for me. I'm already in the new-gen now!

Larry L2264d ago

This is not surprising news really, regarding PS3s version of Dragon Age looking better than 360s. Alot of peope have bad memories, but I don't. Dragon Age Origins looked WAY better on PS3. It had a slower framerate due to PS3 having so little RAM and that being BioWare's first outing on PS3, but visually they really took advantage of PS3's hardware where they could.

The PS3 version had it's Blu-Ray packed with al the high resolution textures of the PC version for all of the games enironments. The character models were the same as the 360, but the environments were night and day on the consoles with the 360 version having low rez, blurry textures in all ofthe game's environments, while the PS3's environs are identical to PC.

And don't take my word for it. Look up GameTrailers old 3 way comparison for Origins. Even the anti-PS3 fanboys running that site couldn't hide it.

Irishguy952264d ago

Yeah the Ps3 version looked better larry, but it ran like total ****, I couldn't stand the FPS problems. Really not playing it on PC was just a disservice to myself, which I have since remedied. I didn't know the 360 version didn't have the FPS problems the Ps3 did.

starchild2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

@ Larry L

It did look better on PS3, but not "way better". That's a pretty big exaggeration. If the PS3 version looked "way better" then what does that make the PC version? ..."light years ahead"? ..."a generation ahead"?

No, the PC version looked significantly better than the console versions, while the PS3 version looked slightly better than the 360 version.

Besides, the 360 did have some advantages as well, such as 2x anti-aliasing and a slightly better frame-rate.

"Xbox 360 claws back some IQ points though, thanks to its inclusion of 2x multi-sampling anti-aliasing, which is absent on PS3."

"Despite some technical wins for the PS3 code, the overall look of the game is not as impressive as PC on either platform."

"It's also fair to say that both console games aren't strong performers. Dragon Age: Origins is v-synced for better image consistency, but the frame-rate is extremely variable - anything from 15 to 30 frames per second depending on the scene being rendered. In this area the Xbox 360 game has the advantage, but even the Microsoft platform struggles."

"From the quality of the textures, it seems as though both console builds of Dragon Age: Origins are derived from a mixture of the "low" and "medium" settings on PC and there's actually little to indicate that the really high-quality assets from the computer version are present in the console game."

"Dragon Age: Origins remains a strong game wherever you play it to a greater or lesser extent, but the PC really is the place to be. The user interface is stronger, it looks much prettier and it's much more fun to play. Failing that, the console conversions are about equal; their technical differences essentially cancel each other out."

MWong2264d ago

I am surprised they are releasing on current-gen TBH. That is a shocking statement to say though, I wonder why it wouldn't look as good on the PS3 at least?

I do think it will probably be one of the last games made for the XB360 since the XBone is coming out.

Bigpappy2264d ago

So you posted your interpretation as fact, then come here to say you reached out to them for clarification? Are you really comfortable with how you presented this.

It is possible that the PS3 version might look better (the first one did) but the second was better on 360). This statement could mean the obvious: 360 will be inferior to PC and Next gen,... and the PS3 WILL ALSO. But that is just my opinion and what seems obvious to me.

redwin2263d ago

Well, I won't be getting it then, since its an inferior product.

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Destrania2264d ago

I didn't realize it was coming to current-gen either.

Gamer19822264d ago

I'm upset this is coming to current gen consoles. It means the game will be held back thanks to current gen restrictions..

ATi_Elite2263d ago

OK Graphics aside they better be working on a GREAT Game or I'm just gonna stick with the The Witcher Series.

StoutBEER2263d ago

Ummmm no duh? I prefer 360 but i have always known it wasn't as impressive visual wise to the PS3. That's all "PS Fans" talk about. And no shit both are less powerful than PC. So. Why the fuck is this news?!

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come_bom2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

He probably meant both the PS3 and X360 versions will be inferior to other versions, but since I'm getting it for PC... I'll let the fanboys fight to see witch console versions looks the best.

starchild2264d ago

It's funny how hard people fight for slight wins that only amount to a distant 2nd place.

I think you are right, though, about what he meant. It doesn't seem likely that he would lump the PS3 in with the PC and next gen consoles, while singling out the 360 version as the inferior one. More likely he just meant to say that the same goes for the PS3 version (as far as not being up to par with the next gen versions). In speech people sometimes don't get their words out right.

chris13gt2264d ago

PC>>>All the other versions.

IcyEyes2264d ago

Not really.

Probably 75%/80% of the PC will be <<< Ps4/x1.

2264d ago
Irishguy952264d ago

Why is that? Bioware are always much better on PC? Is there a reason that would change?

vishmarx2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

i played ME 3 on the pc.graphically insignificant difference and no controller support.
that DOESNT account for MUCH better.

even da 2 had horrible dx11 .on dx9 it was much similar to the console version
swtor isnt anything special.
da:o too looked mediocre

i still believe that pc version was and will be superior but it just isnt worth the price of admission as is with games like bf4 ...
in an rpg i end up caring a lot less how the games looks 5hrs in

MidnytRain2263d ago

People keep bringing up that statistic almost as if that "15 - 20%" don't even exist. Even if it is that low, that's still hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of gamers.

Irishguy952263d ago

Vishmar for a start, M&K > Pad for Dragon age. For ME I liked M&K much more too(personal pref as M&K is simply better for shooters). Never mind graphics, the frame rate is significantly superior. Finally, graphics are better(not Much better but still better). ME1 on 360 was a mess compared to the PC version.Drragon age was equally a mess on consoles for a variety of reasons

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nick3092264d ago

Buying ps4 version then.

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