Leaked Prologue Of The Evil Within from QuakeCon

"Yes, another QuakeCon leak! Better late than never, right? The good folks over at GameBinge sent us a video showing the beginning of the game where Sebastian and his team arrive at Beacon Mental Asylum, if you are wondering why the Butcher Lair in the end looks different from what we've seen on the E3 footage, its because the QuakeCon demo is a newer build, according to Jason Bergman (TEW's Producer) the game "has changed a lot" between those builds. Anyway, you can check the video in the post below. Many thanks to GameBinge for filming the footage!"


There's Additional links at the source in case this gets taken down by Bethesda.

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Axisian2266d ago

Love it! Some great RE2 vibes.

Don't ever retire, Shinji Mikami. =(

FACTUAL evidence2266d ago

Dang, i can't wait. So now it's like i can't wait for my ps4, and the ps4 isn't even here yet, so the wait for this will be even longer! :(

DarkBlood2266d ago

I can not wait till next year to pick up special whatever edition of this game ugh lol

Edi0072266d ago

release date please ?????

Axisian2266d ago

It's far off. They say 2014 and I think its gonna be late 2014. They've shown little of the game so far, most of what we've got are leaks!

Drewminati2266d ago

Shit looks really good, I don't think I can play it at night though...

yea.. probably not

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The story is too old to be commented.