FIFA 14 Release Date And Price: Xbox1 PS4 Versions Have Better Graphics

FIFA 14 on Xbox One and PS4 will be powered by brand new engine from EA Sports, "Ignite," reports, meaning next-generation consoles might have superior graphics and visuals for the game.

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SaulGoodman2261d ago

This is the best way to play America's least favorite sport!

MrSwankSinatra2260d ago

maybe its time to give FIFA the old yeller treatment?

abzdine2260d ago

FIFA is broken since 11. I have no faith in this one it's just used as a cash grab, nothing else.
i'll start getting the demo on PS4 to see how it is, then get it next summer with the World Cup DLC for half price like every year and if it's any good.

pedrof932260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

LOL America's least favorite, and the rest of world's favorite !
Because in the rest of the world no one cares about baseball or football.

MasterofMagnetism2260d ago

I agree that the rest of the world doesn't care about the NFL but baseball is very popular in Japan and Latin America.

mafiahajeri2260d ago

Baseball must be one the most boring games in the history of sports, Americans complain about the real football being not athletic or for women then they go watch baseball xD

TheFallenAngel2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

People around the world loves baseball. American football what they call it is not liked by the world. the only two countries outside side the US that a significant amount of fans are Mexico and Canada.

Khajiit862260d ago

Im a european living in the usa. Baseball is boringgggggggg. Footbal (american or european) is awesome. Playing madden 25 right now.



Actually baseball is not that big on Latin America either, it's just in Cuba, a little bit in Mexico, but the rest of Latin America hardly even know the rules or anything, at most they'll recognize it from cinema and tv series.

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gamewizard992260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

And? The world doesn't revolve around America.

BlueBlood172260d ago

What an idiotic statement.

'Soccer' (ughh, it's football!) is the USA's 5th favorite sport behind Pussy Rugby, Rounders, Netball and UFC on Ice.



DIISCLAIMER: I'm joking with the names, but here is the link anyway :)

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AceBlazer132261d ago

"XB1 PS4 has better graphics".I would hope so.

ColinZeal2260d ago

Unbelievably stupid title to have. Captain Obvious much?

nick3092260d ago

Sports games have no innovation and are not fun at all.

MrSwankSinatra2260d ago

to be honest what type of innovation do you want. really only things that can be improved in sports games are physics, graphics & animations.

CaptainPunch2260d ago

No fun at all? You're crazy.

sashimi2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Its not my kind of jam but i can respect those of you who play :) i do like top spin/virtua tennis/hotshot golf if those count :P

nick3092260d ago

I like most games but sport games.

Abdou0232260d ago

Apparently you have never played a sports game with couple of your friends.

nick3092260d ago

True that they dont play sports lol

johny52260d ago

I love MLB the show and can't wait for it to come out for PS4!

TheFallenAngel2260d ago

I always wondered if the studio that makes mlb the show makes a wonderful baseball game, why can't they make a soccer game to compete against FIFA. Or any other sports game to compete against ea.

Wagz222260d ago

I wish they would compete with madden but ea and the nfl are all buddy-buddy unfortunately and ea still has the exclusive rights.

Stsonic2260d ago

I am confused what they are comparing it to? If it's the 360 and ps3 the article is just stupid and if they are comparing to PC then fair enough. EA are not releasing the new engine for PC which is stupid.

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