Possible Link Between Home & Store Updates believe that there is a possible connecting point in the two updates for the playstation store and Home.

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subzero93842d ago

Cross your fingers and hope its true!

Tarasque3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

I keep telling myself it wont happen, But man that sure would be nice.


Lord Anubis3842d ago

eh, we don't have a major update for home at the moment. Our update happened a week ago. Sorry.

juuken3842d ago

My fingers and toes are crossed. x3

Shadow Flare3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

...I think i'd rather take the Home Beta over 10 awesome rock band songs every week. Think about it this way though, if the ENTIRE PSN is down for 15 hours, and not a thing involving Home is included in that, THAT would be more odd. They're gonna HAVE to have an open beta sometime and Sony said they have a huge surprise for us. So this is as good a time as any, seriously. Something about Home has got to be involved in this PSN update, i just hope its the Beta. The only other Huge surprise i can think of is getting the MGSO beta or in-game xmb. Or for me personally, FF7 on the psn store, but i don't think its the last one lol

subzero93842d ago

FF7 would be pretty cool even though im not FF fan but loved FF&, but i would rather Home beta over anything right now (except a really really early release for socom)

Palodios3842d ago

FF7 would be pretty cool. Didnt they say that when the store re-opens, it would have the warhawk expansion and GT5:P in it?

LSDARBY3842d ago

OMG you people are just setting yourselves up for disapointment.

Shadow Flare3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

(said the person trying to convince his friends not to buy an xbox 360)......Whoa i did not just say that people. That was an illusion, no 360 related comment here >_>

But there's nothing wrong with being optimistic Darby. I know it probably won't be a Beta, but Sony has gotta be including some Home features in this update

Scott_Steinberg3842d ago

prolly a video store? Time will tell.

pandabear3842d ago

i agree, sure they have got to add the video store or music, or both!!!

I would love it if Home Open Beta came tomorrow but think probably not (although the servers are down for 15 hrs - must be doing a lot of testing on whatever they are adding tomorrow).

Milky3842d ago

they should put classic starsky and hutch episodes on there since they r published by sony.

bennyboilu53842d ago

don't get your selves to existed its possible by a small amout its not been confirmed and it probly wont be happening

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The story is too old to be commented.