The Wonderful 101 Sells Out Completely at Pax 2013

Brian Davis, Gameplay Programmer at Next Level Games, revealed that the copies of The Wonderful 101 made available at PAX this year were completely sold out.

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Abriael2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

They want to become second party... which is kinda sad lol. "hey, we want more restrictions on our games!"

zugdar2264d ago

Why not if it works for them? Rare's best games were under second party arrangement. And Platinum seems to have the originality that Nintendo wants/needs.

Abriael2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

@zugdar: apparently it's more that they need the money nintendo gives them, because customers won't.

Mind you, the fact that they want to be second party doesn't mean Nintendo'll want em, and given the performance of W101, they may not.

SonyNGP2264d ago

What restrictions? Are we talking about Microsoft all of the sudden?

Abriael2264d ago

@SonyNGP: being on one console only = restriction, which also means less sales, less people playing your games, less popularity, less relevance in the market and so forth.

Second party agreements, whichever is the first party involved, normally are very lopsided in favor of the first party, and rarely bode well for the third.

RicardJulianti2264d ago

You do know that second parties are simply long-term contracted third parties right?

Level 5 is a second party to Nintendo, but it hasn't stopped them from releasing games on other systems...nor has it restricted them to simply one franchise.

Whymii2264d ago


What you're arguing against is in fact exclusives. By your logic, The Last of Us should be on the Xbox and Halo on the PS3. Both would have sold far more and been more profitable for their developers. .

Developer and publisher business models and objectives are more diverse than simply pure sales. Sure, large sales are important, but there are other concerns, such as positioning, access and branding. Yes, the currently small wii u instal base means relatively smaller sales, but maybe Platinum are eyeing off other more lucrative avenues like 3DS. Who knows?

A deal with Nintendo would give Platinum access to greater capital funding and technology support, both appealing in an uncertain future. The trade-off for this is a presumed reduction in independence for increased security. Many multi-platform developers have shut their doors and many independent developers owe their status to previous 1st and 2nd party contracts.

Neonridr2264d ago

@Abriael - why wouldn't they want to be 2nd party developers. Nintendo would then fund each and every game for them, and give them long term security. This is something every developer strives for.

You think Kamiya cares if his game releases on the PS4 or Wii U? All he cares about is making his vision.

iplay1up22264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

Rare had some of the most talented people when they had Nintendo guiding them. Once Rare went Microsoft, well you can see for yourself how the quality of games fell off. If Rare put a game out on N64 you knew you had to have it. Same will be said for Platinum if that were to happen. Rare was given Donkey Kong 64 and that sold very well as did Banjo Kazooie,and 007. I don't think Konker sold as well, but that game was AWESOME.

mrbojingles2263d ago

I think its obvious why they'd love to be 2nd party. Nintendo has a strong history of not laying people off and avoiding firings at all costs. Platinum is made up of former Capcom/Clover people who got the axe even after releasing the critically acclaimed Okami in 2006. They want job security, and Nintendo can give them that like no one else. When was the last time Nintendo CLOSED a studio and didn't open another one for those employees, simply re-locating the offices?

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ajames3472264d ago

I know right? I love seeing great third party games coming out.

Misaka_x_Touma2264d ago

this is a Nintendo ip by the way since it originally intended to have Nintendo allstars

Venox20082263d ago

those who disagreed didnt do any research :)

Misaka_x_Touma2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

nah it just my 7 haters

admiralvic2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

404 copies were sold... talk about an impressive figure.

RicardJulianti2264d ago

Better than not selling out though...

LOL_WUT2264d ago

LAWL! Hey well thats a start ;)

ritsuka6662264d ago

I'm waiting for more bad jokes like :

' sell like 101 copies'

Oh wait.. already people beat me up. '-'

Chrischi19882264d ago

For a game not being released yet at their turf and buyable for people who went to pax to watch, that is really impressive, not like in Japan, where over 100million people had the posibility to get it, but only about 5k got it the first 3-4 days. That doesnt sound bad at all, that really sounds really promising.

admiralvic2264d ago

You're comparing something like 70,000 people that probably fall in The Wonderful 101's demographic to all of Japan and acting like the sales figures are impressive. I'm sorry, but this figure is not indicative of anything, besides up to 404 Wii U owners bought a copy of The Wonderful 101 at Pax.

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mydyingparadiselost2264d ago

Wow, that's more than the japanese release sales! :D
All joking aside I can't wait to pick this up and play with the Bayonetta characters. Also really happy that those characters aren't $4.99 a month after release but unlockables.

Misaka_x_Touma2264d ago

even if youbare joking it so 5k of 30k shipment

_QQ_2264d ago

it could have been 5k of 1mil shipment,i'm pumped for this game to release in NA but lets be honest its no where near the sales it deserves.

M-M2264d ago

Every time I see that picture it reminds me of Viewtiful Joe lol.

AKR2264d ago

Well that's pretty good. I wonder if this is a sign that maybe, W101 might do be pretty well here in the West.

But it's releasing in an entire flack of major titles. It may not be on PS360 which will have GTA: V - but it IS releasing next to Wind Waker....

admiralvic2264d ago

It's not a sign of anything at all.

Pax and really all gaming conventions are exactly the same demographic that would be interested in a game like The Wonderful 101, so it makes sense that it sold out. We're also talking about a total of 404 copies of the game, which is hardly a large sum, nor enough to indicate how popular it may or may not be. Pax Prime 2012 (latest I can find) had over 70,000 people, so it's not hard to believe they had over 400 people interested in the game there.

I am not trying to be negative or hating the Wii U (same with my last post), but I am saying that this is one of those PR stat numbers that sounds better than it really is.

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The story is too old to be commented.