Killzone: Mercenary’s Complete Trophy List

PlayStation Vita’s very first great first-person shooter may very well be on the horizon with Killzone: Mercenary, and while you’re waiting for our full review in the coming days, why not take a look at the game’s complete Trophy roster?

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mario192266d ago

Well time to bring out the trophy whore in me.

abzdine2266d ago

i love the fact that there are things to collect like in KZ2

GdaTyler2266d ago

Cool. I can't wait for the 10th! Damn, I've been waiting for years!

bunfighterii2266d ago

Isn't this game out tomorrow? Where are the damn reviews?

Nitrowolf22266d ago

Those disagrees are because GdaTyler stated the release date on the 10th

BiggCMan2266d ago

I heard of not reading an article and only the headline....but not reading the comment you replied to is new for me. Lawd have mercy.

Kingthrash3602266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

can you check the lotto numbers since you are so far in the future? ill split it with you when you come back to reality.

LOGICWINS2266d ago

@Nitro and Bigg- European gamers get this a week early. Thats what he was referring to. Hes right.

Goro2266d ago

He's right, the game is out 4th September in Europe, 6th September in UK & Ireland, 10th September in US

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josephayal2266d ago

Amazing, my body is ready

GameCents2266d ago

Trophy list is amazing?


Vitalogy2266d ago

Like always, too many online trophies that require spending too much time online. Devs must learn once and for all that not all gamers like to play online and/or have good connection to do it but still like to platinum games, and for those trophy hunters out there online trophies like the ones in this list that require too much online grinding, might put them away from getting the game.

I have a great connection and I like to 100%/plat games but I'm not much of a MP guy.

Aggesan2266d ago

And some people prefer grinding online than in single player. Why should one group always be the focus group?

H4all2266d ago

the multiplayer will be awesome place to kill or getting killed.. :P

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The story is too old to be commented.