PAX13: Lords of the Fallen Preview [Twinfinite]

Twinfinite checks out City Interactive's Lords of the Fallen.

"You may have seen the trailer for the upcoming action-rpg game Lords of the Fallen, built by City Interactive in Warsaw, Poland. It evokes some of the central themes of the game by showcasing medieval high fantasy and defiance against a higher power. However, it doesn’t say much else about the gameplay. We’ve been given a tentative estimate that a gameplay trailer, although coming this year, won’t be out for a while."

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richierich2262d ago

Still no gameplay footage of this game anywhere what gives?

manasteel882262d ago

they are keeping it all private behind the scenes. Dunno why, but I'm sure they have their reasons. Maybe they haven't had time to create a proper demo that doesn't spoil things so they are demoing the real stuff without flash photography.