My five reasons that the Xbox One has a 90% chance of a launch on Nov 22, 2013

With the PS4 release date taking the spot for November 15, 2013 and this year’s black Friday landing on 29th of November. Microsoft best choice for the launch date for Xbox One would most likely be Nov 22, 2013. Here is my list to support my opinion:

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Sitdown2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Ummm, there are 2 preorder sku....first day, and then non first day. Not sure why the writer believes Microsoft is trying to catch up from recent pre-orders.....when launch units have mostly been shut down for a while now. Microsoft would be crazy to launch after the ps4.....but then again they did think about bringing out policies that were seen as crazy. I fully expect it to be released on or before November 12th.

RaptgamersUnited2261d ago

I'm sorry I was informed that they were still taking launch day pre-orders at the MSFT store. I just reserved mine for launch day one last week. I was also writing about other countries recent pre-order demands as well. I think the systems have always launched on a friday though for new console release date's that is. I would love for you to be right though Nov 12 would be freaking awesome.

Ripsta7th2261d ago

I just read ur comment and wasnt able to catch any fanboyism yet the disagrees lol seems like as soon as someone says they are getting the X1 is making some people uncomfortable

FlameBaitGod2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

that that... who would have known that they stutter when typing too

RaptgamersUnited2259d ago

LOL your right thanks for that.

FamilyGuy2260d ago

If they were going to release before the 15th they would have made an announcement already. My guess is that it'll be a week or more after Sony. I also have this suspicion that they might not release in November afterall and get pushed back to December. It's just a feeling though, they seem to be low on launch day stock or something.

I think they should release before Sony at if they can but I just don't see it happening. :/

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sovietsoldier2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

not going to happen, all retailers as of today/because i checked have it as a release date of around 26th to 30 nov.

im still for like the 10th time going with 26/27th of nov [i only mention 27th because of midnight launch]

Deadpoolio2261d ago

I would bet money that it will without a doubt be the 27th....When they originally started taking pre-orders everywhere had the standard placeholder date of 12/31/13 then everywhere suddenly changed the date to 11/27/13. I am guessing Microsoft must have said something since they then changed the dates back to 12/31/13. However, Amazon and I believe best buy have the controllers and other accessories dated still as 11/27/13...

They don't just change a placeholder date to another placeholder date, so the smart money is on 11/27/13...It doesn't help that I seriously don't think that Microsoft is ready for a launch any sooner than that, I actually think that if they could they would delay it but they can't.

There are too many warning since that actually lean more towards they are not ready for a release yet and are scrambling at this point

2260d ago
PS4isKing_822261d ago

Who cares when it launches? It's been a complete mess from announcement till now.

Deadpoolio2261d ago

I honestly don't think they were ready. I would bet money that one of if not multiple problems which have been rumored are actually true...There are just seriously too many red flags popping up that anyone who isn't a brain dead Microsoft fanatic can see...

At this point it's not even a Sony v Microsoft thing it's a they are a completely douche bag company if they knowingly release another console with issues again..

Xsilver2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

@deadpoolio well said Bubble 1+
i don't think xone console is remotely ready why do i keep seeing multiplatform games running on PS4 or PC only, no xone version and November is a month way i mean come on this sounds odd. its being rushed not even being launched in allot of country's MS messed up BIG TIME. and Sony knows this which is why they were so pleased with announcing the PS4 release date before MS, they know xone couldn't release before the PS4 with all their hick ups.

2260d ago
Killjoy30002261d ago

Even if the X1 were to release before the PS4, I really can't see it doing much damage to the tidal wave of positive feedback Sony has received throughout the year.

Switch the other way around, on the other hand, and all of those people ready to shell out $500 on the Xbox alone can suddenly buy a next-gen platform with a game of their choice.

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