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Alan Ng: If you are seriously considering picking up Ryse: Son of Rome as your first software purchase alongside the Xbox One launch, we have some new gameplay that we think may help to offer the deciding factor. The game has been shown at the ongoing PAX 2013 expo in Seattle, although we have to say that not everyone seems happy with the current state of the game.

If you saw gameplay videos of Ryse during E3, you would agree that the game was simply looking stunning both in the graphics and gameplay department. To us, it was arguably one of the best looking games at the entire E3 expo, with Crytek seemingly doing a great job in converting the title from its original Kinect roots.

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malokevi2261d ago

How is it that people are complaining about this? I hadn't seen this footage yet... but it looks great to me. Beautiful visuals and what looks to be surprisingly fun and deep hack n slash gameplay.

Yes, the QTEs are still there for executions... but that goes for a lot of games. It looks to me like the actual combat is going to be fun and varied.... plus those visuals!!

s8anicslayer2261d ago

Did you not see IGN rip this game apart in their PAX preview video? If not go check it out

4Sh0w2261d ago

Looks great to me, combat is just like AC so whats the problem? I think some people are just looking hard for a reason to hate Ryse. I mean just look at that single player vid, he's smashing from one enemy to the next theres about 5 different finishers in this vid alone and theres over a 100 in the whole game. damm why can't Crytek put out some direct feed video, the game has some eye popping graphics but these youtube vids don't do it justice.

s8anicslayer2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Don't know why I got all those disagrees I was just pointing out a video from a website that was submitted from people who actually played the game not opinions based on brand loyalty.

XB1_PS42261d ago

Everyone complains about IGN until IGN sides with their opinion.

Bigpappy2261d ago

That Canadian guy from IGN though the game was to gory for him. So I really have no interest in what else he had to say. Their were also playing the Multi-player and the game is still a work in progress (not final code).

Having said all of that, it is still the game I am expecting to buy first when I get Xbox1.

2261d ago
H0RSE2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Well, you can't spell "ignorant" without "ign"...

I haven't ever seen ign as a reputable source for reviews/previews, since they seem bias on many occasions. I really don't take any site too seriously, since the only opinion that really matters when determining whether or a not a game looks good or not, is my own.

+1 for thinking for yourself...

kewlkat0072261d ago

"game was too gory for him"

WTF..that guy should be reviewing Mario games..

3-4-52261d ago

@4sho - So the combat is exactly like a 5 year old last gen game ?

It needs to include 10x as many animations as it does currently.

Belking2261d ago

That was a few minutes of multiplayer they were talking about

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thechosenone2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

This is what people are complaining about. The animations are just god gen my @ss.

PinkFunk2261d ago

It does look awful. The gameplay that is.

ovnipc2261d ago

Thats pre alpha state. wait for final release and you will see.

thechosenone2261d ago


At this point it's in the beta stages not pre-alpha.

CommonSense2261d ago

I think it looks fine as well. Especially for a tacked on game mode. It's the single player i'm looking forward to...this is just a fun little bonus to play with friends for a bit.

thetruthx12261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Sounds like the Sony fans..... I mean "gamers" are being overly harsh on the characters not moving like Gods or superheroes that feature in other games but with Ryse Crytek is going for realism > flamboyance.

Marius is supposed to move exactly how he looks he has a lot of excess weight on him just like they say in the vidoc he has weapons, a shield, and armor. He's not some featherweight acrobat

The motion capture plays a big role in this game

People aren't appreciating the hard work the actors and the Roman combat expert put into this huge budget project but it looks incredible to me and many others

Very impressed!

HammadTheBeast2261d ago

Crytek are well known for making visually appealing piles of crap.

Or did we forget history?

The weighty feeling got massive amounts of hate for Killzone, suddenly it's fine now?

Dragonborn3122261d ago

I was lucky enough to get to play a demo of Ryse using an Xbox One at FanExpo in Toronto and it was a lot of fun. The visuals are amazing but more importantly the gameplay is great as well. I found the fighting to be very satisfying and awesome!

Jeff2572261d ago

I think Microsoft has done a huge disservice to Crytek and the gamers on this game. It really should have been developed from the ground up for the XBOX One. Instead they were heavily into promoting Kinect when this game was first announced and it was initially going to be a 1st person action game built to really showcase Kinect and what it could do for the hardcore gamers. If Kinect had worked better then it may have stayed that way. But a year later it was essentially re-announced as a controller/kinect hybrid title but still a 360 exclusive. Again still a promising premise but they hadn't shown anything for it. Then another year later they announce it as an XBOX One launch title and we finally get to see it in action. It failed to impress people at E3 and for some it still isn't looking that good gameplay wise. Some could even argue that while some of the graphics look good it still doesn't utilize the XBOX One to its potential even as a launch title. The reason being is because this was not developed for XBOX One. Instead I suspect a lot of this was running on the 360 and is essentially being ported to the XBOX One just so Microsoft could add one more game to its launch.

ovnipc2261d ago

Cause its not a PS4 game, If you dont praise the ps4 and trash xbox here you will get down votes. And trash talk.

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Kingthrash3602261d ago

ive seen the gameplay footage from both E3 and pax.
the fact that it got substantially worse looking is because ar e3 all x1 games were shown on a high power nvidia chipped pc's....
at pax were either x1 or pc with x1 level chips in them....thats why you dont see many saying ryse is the best looking game

continues to get wore for x1 as more and more bad news builds up.

no_more_heroes2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

I suggest not judging the graphics based on terrible quality YouTube videos. The better quality video shown on Halo Waypoint (the ViDoc was shown at the Halo 4 Global Championship @ PAX) shows the game looking a hell of a lot better.

Same thing people keep wrongly doing with DriveClub.

Never use YouTube videos to judge a game's graphics, especially one as poorly compressed as this.

Kingthrash3602261d ago

question.....does it look better than it did at E3? be truthful.
and when you say no, why the downgrade?

theWB272261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Here's the new video from the Halo tournament.
Skip to the 1:35 mark and honestly say it looks worse. It looks leagues more polished than the multiplayer they showed.

That youtube video is terrible quality.

Then you should obviously try the hour 35 mark.


thechosenone2261d ago

There's nothing at 1:35 but two dorks talking about halo.

jgrigs092261d ago

Lol the kid who said "Oh look there is a mic right there". The goes on to say."Thank god it was soft and didn't hurt in my face and not hard".

Frankfurt2261d ago

LOL. The footage from Gamescom and PAX that looks worse is MULTIPLAYER, genius. Multiplayer done by another team, even!

The single player footage from PAX (video right below the multiplayer) looks every bit as good as the E3 footage.

Try better next time, troll.

no_more_heroes2261d ago

I've re-watched them both and... I still don't see a downgrade. If anything, I like how the graphics look in the ViDoc more because there's more color on display.

FrigidDARKNESS2261d ago

Hush your mouth you are making stuff up. Crytek has stated that the e3 version was alpha build the pax build is beta not even close to final build. The MP have glitches that you can expect in a beta version.

CommonSense2261d ago

You had literally NOTHING to do with the creation of either system, so who are you to relish in your desperate desire to believe one is better than the other?

fanboys are such idiots.

Kingthrash3602261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

look I hope ryse is good...I really do. im just calling it how I see it...people always compare stuff and ryse was a front in no way a troll we just have different opinions.....thats said ryse looks bad right now....maybe tge finished product will look better but why doesn't it look it now? forget the you tube vid look at the opinions from tge xbox fans at ign and other sites...they were clearly dissatisfied and worried.
lol people so quick to defend and not realise its opinion.....hey BUY IT. enjoy it, this is all that matters....a stand by my opinion though and it look worse than at e3....why show alpha at E3 then show a undone mp at pax? unless you say it was running on pc at e3 and x1 at pax....the same for bf4 on ps4. ps4 version look just ugly on ps4 I can admit this because im no not in denial I just call them like I see them.

ALLWRONG2261d ago

What's funny is it still looks better than the games on the PS... whoops! I forgot can't say anything about (censored) here.

Golden_Mud2261d ago

I was at Pax a few days ago and I disagree with you , I would also love to tell you that I played the game at E3 and it was running on an Xbox One

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Convas2261d ago

Hot damn, even this compressed footage looks fantastic.

Still buying Ryse, still excited, going to play the heck out of it.

Haules2261d ago

Ryse presentation at E3 looked awesome. But now seeing the latest gameplay and multiplayer, looks like a current gen game.

Frankfurt2261d ago

the single player footage above looks current gen... riiiiight. show us a youtube video of a current gen game that looks as good as that. even if last of us were 1080p it wouldn't have even the quality of the scene in the grass alone.

KonsoruMasuta2261d ago

The footage above does make it looks like a current gen game. But I think it's probably because of the poor video quality. I have to see this in person to judge for my self.

No_Limit2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

The multiplayer game portion was subtracted out to Ruffian Games, the maker of Crackdown 2.

That probably explains the disparity of the two game mode. Anyways, Multiplayer is a bonus, for me anyway, and the single player is where the heart of the game is.

Rhaigun2261d ago

Regardless of who developed it, it runs on the same engine.

AceBlazer132261d ago

crap game on a crap console.

CrimsonStar2261d ago

Lol I would be jealous to if I had to play knack instead of this beast , but hey when your tired of being but hurt you pick up a xbox 1 and play it too ;).

*Tips hat*

Kingthrash3602261d ago

knack is your comparison pick? so no more killzone comparisons?

AceBlazer132261d ago

lol funny thing is knack has just as much if not more preorders

CrimsonStar2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )


I would save the KZ comparison for Forza :D .


So with that logic Justin Bieber is the best musical artist ever because he sold more records ? Or that COD is the best game ever ? Sales don't mean anything to me I'm a consumer , and the only reason they mean anything to you right now is because your "winning" . A few years ago when Halo was selling more copies then almost every Sony franchise combined you weren't using that argument then were you ? NO? I didn't think so ;) . Have fun with your contradictions , and try to enjoy your console instead of leaching off all the xbox1 articles have a nice day :D .

*Tips hat*

HammadTheBeast2261d ago

Crimson wtf do you think you're doing? Look through my comment history, the *Tips Hat* thing is MINE. STAAAAAHP ITTTT.

Kingthrash3602261d ago you admit ryse isn't bettet looking than kz? forza is the front runner now?
im done. this will go no where....enjoy ki, forza, ryse and dead rising...I will a year or 2

Skips2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

"I would save the KZ comparison for Forza :D . "

Why??? Forza is just a linear racer with static environments... Compared to Killzone which has wide levels, almost giving it an open world feel... lol!

In that comparison, Forza would get stomped...

Don't even get me started on Dead Rising 3 vs. Infamous SS comparisons. lol

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ALLWRONG2261d ago

U mad? maybe because your system of choice only has like 4 games at launch.

HammadTheBeast2261d ago

Killer Instinct, Ryse, Forza, Dead Rising.

Why, you're right!

WeAreLegion2261d ago

33 games launching with PS4
23 launching with XBO

ALLWRONG2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

:D HAHA desperation at it's finest. Why don't you just add games 5 years down the road? Make sure to add all those indie Minecraft clones to help "fluff up" those list.

Try again.

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