PS Plus: Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection Free for Members

PS US Blog - It’s zombie-hunting time with Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection hitting the Instant Game Collection tomorrow. Compatible with PlayStation Move Controllers, you can partner up and take down the undead hordes together. If zombies aren’t your thing (but seriously, who doesn’t like killing zombies?), there are discounts for both PS3 and PS Vita titles, as well as a couple pre-orders, so check all that out below. It’s also the third week of the PS Vita Select Sale – this time KickBeat will be available at a discount all launch week for PS Plus members.

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-Mezzo-2504d ago

Even though I've already played the collection, i might give it a go again as i don't have the game anymore.

miyamoto2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

i bought and played the PSN HD collection version and ICO and SOTC HD now this news make me wanna buy ps+

saves lots of money in the long run

PickAShoe2504d ago

I got ps+ right away when i see uncharted 3 in the collection

pedrof932504d ago

Actually Uncharted is always there.

DA_SHREDDER2504d ago

that sucks you are just figuring this out now. I bought most of the games on the ps+, but sold most of them with regret. But now I feel I came out on top since ps+ been giving me alot of them back, along with new titles like this that ive never played. ps+ is a an awesome service and people who own a ps3, vita, and a ps4 are making out more than anyone.

MEGANE2504d ago

Dam US PS plus is getting crapy while Europe is getting the good staff. Im gonna have to get and european ps plus card!!

LOGICWINS2504d ago

Speak for yourself. I finally have a reason to use Move again in over a year. And Raymam Origins and Liberty City Stories will be awesome on my brand new Vita.

Heisenburger2504d ago

He is CLEARLY speaking for himself. Stop looking for a fight man, it's old.

JoySticksFTW2504d ago

Between getting this from PS+ and with The Shoot for $10 at Best Buy right now, that's a whole lot of fun for Move owners.

I have a couple with the gun adapters. It so takes me back to my light gun days :)

Move may be an acquired taste, but this type of game is where Move really shines. Especially if you grew up loving games like Duck Hunt and Time Crisis (which is also great with Move).

_FantasmA_2504d ago

Assassins Creed? No thanks. I beat the first two and just can't take it anymore. Its the same thing over and over again. I haven't even touched Revelations and only played Brotherhood for a few hours. I haven't played a good rail shooting game since House of the Dead on Dreamcast and Area 51 at the arcades. Besides I'm pretty sure AC3 will come later to the US, so no need to worry.

AznGaara2504d ago

Wow, scrolling down the comment section of the PS blog... smh. People just can't be satisfied anymore. Heck I'm happy paying for plus if there's atleast one game I get for free that I like. For this month is Rayman Origins for Vita. If not, then I'm fine with it... auto updates and cloud saves are enough.

Ripsta7th2504d ago

I couldnt agree more about the auto update and cloud saves, cloud saves makes me not have to worry about my ps3 breaking down and loosing my save files

_FantasmA_2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

I can't even go to the PlayStation blog anymore man. I mean us Sony gamers have so many choices in games and genres and we have the best membership program. But those people on that US blog complain so damn much. No matter what games they get for free, they always complain. Almost every person on their says "I just bought this game last week, can I get a refund or ______ <----insert game here from personal wishlist here that I want for free because I think I'm entitled to it because I think I'm special and that the service and the world revolves around me).

Seriously, some people don't even buy games anymore because they don't want it to end up on Plus. So they wait and wait and wait to see if the games they want but don't want to spend the money on end up on Plus. If the game doesn't show up, they complain about how they wasted their money on Plus, when they could have simply just used that money to buy the damn game they wanted in the first place. Some of those douchebags will never be satisfied.

GenericNameHere2504d ago

Tell me about it. That's why I don't click on US PS Blog links anymore. Those people are some of the whiniest, spoiled, and self-entitled "gamers" I've ever seen.

"Oh, why don't these appear on PSN?" "Why is Sony not including my favorite games??!!" "Because *insert old PS1/2 game here* aren't on the store, i'm now canceling my PSN+ membership for XBLA!" "Naughty Dog is cr*p because they don't make Crash anymore"

^Those are just some examples of why I don't read the comments there. I don't go to a lot of gaming sites (only a few, like IGN, Destructoid, Neogaf, here of course, etc), but out of those I mentioned, US PS Blog has some of the worst comments ever... And dare I say it, even WORSE than Youtube comments.

On topic though, YES!! I bought Darksyde Chronicles on the Wii when it came out, and I loved it! It's going to be awesome replaying it again on my PS3 with trophies to unlock! It's also going to give me another reason to use my Move! Now where did I put it?...

JoySticksFTW2504d ago

Yup, entitled gamers indeed

No more older titles without trophy support now, because they whined about that too. Which I personally feel sucks. There are a lot of good games that came out before trophies, like PS1 titles that used to come with plus before people whined.

These "gamers" said they had no reason to play these old games without trophies as incentive.

Well they should be happy soon, if the rumor regarding ps1 and ps2 games streamed through gaikai getting trophies is true.

grimmweisse2504d ago

Same thing on the EU PS Blog. Even trying to have a civil conversation you just get told to shut up! Almost as bad as youtube comments.

2504d ago
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TheSaint2504d ago

Damn, thought this was Euoropean at first, I'm officially jelly.

memots2504d ago

Awesome , totally dusting off the Move controller and the hand gun attachment.

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